Level lock wifi bridge

not using homekit and dont want to get a iproduct just to support a level lock..

they recently added a wifi bridge so supposedly i can control it without homekit.. has anyone looked at integrating this bridge into hubitat?

Does the bridge have a published API? Without, it won't be easy to build a driver.

Is your 'no iproduct' a political stance? Because a HomePod is $79.99 in various places and will work for you this week. Gathering an API, building a driver, testing and so on will take a lot more time.

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 12.00.18 PM

I'm shocked.. DoorDash ??

Is yours one that they are updating to support Matter? If so, that's your best chance at Hubitat integration (once Matter is ready on Hubitat). If you have the (Matter-over-)Thread model, you'll also need a Thread Border Router, but that doesn't have to be an Apple product.