Level changes not detected with motion activated Hue color bulb

Greetings. I've staved off posting as long as I could, but I can't get this to work. I have a zigbee (non-hue) motion sensor and a single Hue color bulb that I'm testing. The intended effect is:

  • Turn Hue bulb on to color:Red at 50% when motion detected and turn off after 2 minutes
  • If level changes before turning off, disable turning off
  • If motion is detected again, prevent level changes

These options are enabled:

  • "Don't turn off if already on"
  • "Enable override with dimmer level change"

The Hue bulb always turns off, regardless of level change. And any motion before the bulb turns off will result in a level change. I've noticed that there are Level Change Events that fire, but only the "motion.active" and "motion.inactive" event subscriptions are listed for the app. Also, no "alreadyOn" or "alreadyOff" handlers are subscribed to any "level" or "switch" events. I only use the option for "Set color for these bulbs" where I specify the color and level of the Hue bulb. I later added the Hue as a redundant dimmer switch (which seems counterintuitive) and was able to see the "level" and "switch" events appear, but the the dimmer/level seemed to compete with the color/level when the bulb turned on, causing an undesirable strobing effect. Regardless, the bulb still turned off and motion still changed the level.

I've also tried using the Rule Machine to detect dimmer level changes and set a virtual switch that prevents the Hue bulb from turning off using the option "Switch to disable turning off" within the motion app. However, I was not able to get that to work and it feels overly complicated.

Lastly, looking at my inactive motion event, it seems to fire before the Hue level changes are detected (reported) even though I set the polling to 10 sec.

This is my first attempt to ease into a ST migration and I'm hoping this is just my inexperience. Thanks in advance for any feedback.


I'm having the same issue with my motion lighting with a Caseta dimmer. Changing the dimmer level doesn't prevent the switch from turning off after the motion timeout period.

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