Legrande Adorne Softap and Aeotec Nano

First of all, thank you @mike.maxwell for the excellent guidance on the Adorne paddle hack. I've got it working quite well with the dual nano.

I am wondering if it's possible to get the nano working with an Adorne "softap" switch functioning as just a basic toggle switch. I tried and I can't seem to get it to work that way. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Seems that just as toggle it should work.


Is that device an actual switch?, or does it have it's own built in electronics...

I have many Adorne Push (which is a mechanical switch) It does not need the hack to have it work with the dual Aeon Nano or with the Qubino Dual. Both support momentary and toggle type switches. I have that combo (Push & Qubino) in 2 places in my house. One is a 3-way.

I also have a SofTap and it has electronics. (The depth is a dead giveaway.) I have not yet backed it with a Nano or Qubino, although the Nano I have sitting in my box of goodies is crying out to be used.

The SofTap is on a 3 way too and the 2nd switch is a traditional paddle 3-way, sitting in the middle of a 3 gang box.

I need to dig through my box of Adorne to see if I have a pre-purchased SofTap I can hook up to my pre-purchased Nano as a test. I'll be most surprised if it doesn't work.

EDIT: Yes, I have a pre-purchased SofTap, and a Paddle and a Nano. I'll try and wire that up tomorrow.

There's a Note on the SofTap that says (paraphrased) the switch needs GROUND. I must be attached to the metal frame of the Adorne wall bracket and that must be connected to ground (green wire).

It does seem to have some electronics in it.

Yes, that is correct. Even without the nano, I could not get this switch working unless I hooked it up to am Adorne faceplate and the ground.

I agree it would seem that it should work. The only thing I can think of is that it seems the nano dual passes only limited voltage through to the switch. A multimeter shows about 44V going into the switch. Perhaps the "softtap" switch expects the full voltage to pass through for the proper functioning of its own electronics?

OK, taking small steps first, I used an Adorne paddle to get the Nano working -- a "known good" state.


Using that Diagram as my bible, I have it wired just like that. One Adorne Paddle between HOT and S1.

Hot goes to 3 places, a) L (line) b) IN and c) one side of the Adorne. The switched hot then goes to S1.

This works, as expected. I was not expecting (for this test situation,) to need to wire IN but it is required. The Nano didn't work without hot on both L and IN.

Next, I'll use the SofTap. :smiley:


I was unable to get the SofTap to work.

If the Nano came up OFF, then tapping the Adorne would turn the Nano On. But that's the last action it would do. From then on, the Nano stayed On, couldn't turn it off. (Physically disconnecting the switch wire (S1) would cause an off. Implying there's enough leakage current to keep the Nano On. I could clearly hear the SofTap relay click.

The documentation indicates S1 and S2 are independent switches and would allow for a 3way, but no one's house is wired that way.

I'll try a conversation with Aeon next. I suspect they will ask me to install that bypass capacitor they sell.

If you feel like digging into the soft tap and are able to disconnect the trace that feeds hot to the relay, then you would have a dry contact on the softap to use with the nano.