Legrand WNP20

Has anyone used the Legrand WNP20 with Hubitat, and if so does it work well?

I need a plug in dimmer with a 3 prong US type outlet to plug my light into. The outlet and thus the plug in dimmer are in a difficult to access location, so after safety, reliability is next on the list. Zwave has been much more stable in my setup than Zigbee, so I would prefer Zwave.
The only Zwave devices I can find are non brand name on Amazon; I'm concerned they either don't have UL certification or what they have may be fake...
This Legrand is Netatmo, and supposedly Zigbee capable...if it is same and stable and works with Hubitat, I could be convinced to go for it...

(Yes, I'm aware that most things that use a 3 prong outlet are not supposed to be dimmed, which is probably the reason these devices are so difficult to locate, but mine is specifically rated for line voltage dimming...it is an LED setup pulling 80 watts total)

Late, but responding for posterity. Minoston has a couple Z-wave options with 3-prongs. MP21ZD and MP31ZD.

I just learned about this Legrand offering in another thread. Any chance that you tried it?

No, I went with the Minoston MP31ZD as I found some posts from HE users who said it works, and could not find any feedback on this LeGrand device. As an added bonus the Minostan is significantly more affordable. Very happy with it as I installed it and have not had to do anything with it since. Seems to just work...

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