Legacy Dashboard Links versus links

I understand the security aspect of the (legacy) Dashboard Links.

Darn, but they were useful. I still use them, and work around that annoying error message by clicking the icon above. I have given Dashboard Link Tiles their own color scheme to distinguish them. But my family is soooo not amused by the error and never remember the workaround, so they won’t use Hubitat as all my dashboards offer leads to other dashboards with blockading error messages. It's so unprofessional for a home automation interface.

And I was unwilling to edit all the dashboards to convert them all to URL links. And the URL links are just ho-hum links which have no cool and highly useful distinguishing color to highlight links to dashboards versus other stuff accessible by URL.

And we are now at, well beyond 2.2.4 when the links began erroring.

So what good are Dashboard Link Tiles in Hubitat, now? Why are they still there without a warning not to use them? Are they going to be fixed say to work only locally? (I only want my Hubitat dashboards to work within my WiFi in any case. When I want to edit, I use the Hubitat VPN option.)

I know there’s a lot on your plates. Some indication of where this is going would help.



Couldn't have said it any better

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