LED Strip recommendations please

On the subject of RGBW LED strips. Does anyone have any advice on which controllers to use. I bought some Gledopto ZigBee controllers but they have been temperamental to say the least. I'm after reliable ZigBee ones with an appropriate HE Driver?

I have some Gledopto drivers running smoothly with 24v Gledopto LED stripes. I'm using the native driver Advanced Zigbee RGBW Bulb and it is ok!

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Has anyone tried Sowillo stuff? They claim to match hue for color but a little pricy

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Thanks for that link. They claim their LED's have a CRI greater than 98 at 6500K and greater than 97 at 2200K, with high R9 & R12 also; both would be awesome. I'd love to know if anyone has tried their products. Their site has minimal info on the controller and the power supply. They also have quite a minimal inventory.

I have tried products from Lumicrest.com, (no affiliation with them other than being a very pleased customer) and can confirm their knowledge & customer service is TERRIFIC. I had a very specific use case and started out just wanting a high CRI LED strip. The gentleman I communicated with over email and phone was extremely knowledgeable and helpful (I think he might be the owner), and I ended up with a much better install based on his advice. We briefly spoke about zigbee and zwave control, and he advised he has some of those products. I understood that not everything he sells is on his website. For the installation I have, I'm using a Minostan plug in Zwave dimmer.
However, when I get around to my next LED project, I'm definitely buying from them if they have what I need. They also have some very high CRI COB strips.

beautiful colors and intensity, but in terms of connection they are the worst performers in my smart home

don't use combined SSID's

Do you mean, deactivate my wifi mesh an give my acces points different names?

Separate it so 2.4 and 5ghz use differen't SSID's. So call it "my2ghzssid" and "my5ghzssid" Don't use "thesamessid" for both frequencies. This can sometimes cause issues. Lifx is a very solid product.

Maybe I expressed myself wrong. These may not be connection problems but rather performance problems. I have 3 LIFX products (2 strips, 1 lamp) and they are controlled by 1 button. Often, randomly 1 out of 3 does not respond to the trigger. I then have to repeat the trigger to turn all the lights on or off.