LED Light Strips?

I see a ton of threads on this but I haven't really found an answer I'm looking for. I'd rather not buy another integration so I was hoping I could setup some strips on zwave or zigbee

  1. If you wanted super bright LED strips for under counters in the kitchen, what would you get and why?
  2. I have a zooz RGBW dimmer on order. Should I get 24V strips or are 12V almost as bright? Anyone have recommendations on a strip to connect? I searched amazon and I can barely find any RGBW, all the strips are RGBWW.

I purchased the OSRAM Lightify strips for the over the cabinets under the cabinets in the kitchen, wall unit, TV. They come with their own powersupply, zigbee box and pair up instantly to HE. They have 3 strips about 24" for each one so you have the ability to use all of them or only 1 or 2 if needed and you can adjust the brightness, hue, saturation. The picture shows the color strips setting about 85 and the under cabinet white strip is 45 for brightness.

There is also the Sengled strips about the same price, looks like they work the same way.

The main reason people use 24V is so you can run longer strips off the same controller. With the higher voltage, you can push it further without losing the voltage, and therefore brightness, by the end of the strip. (I know all that is a vast oversimplification for those who know Ohms law and voltage drops etc).

Maximum Load: 10 A TOTAL between all channels (6 A per channel max); 120 W total at 12 V DC / 240 W total at 24 V DC

With double the voltage, and the same amperage, you get double the wattage (watts=work) out of the same strip. More watts then translates to you are able to have twice as long of a strip.

The downside to 24V is that the strips are more expensive, and harder to find in general.

Do you think the osram would work through 3 walls about 30 feet away from the hub?

Thanks - that explanation is great!

Maybe, I have some OSRAM bulbs out on the garage and those are about 3 walls and 30' they do work fine so far. That's about the only thing I have to compare to the strips.

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