Learn me please

As most now, I'm fairly new here.
My question is I don't know much at all about using the "Boolean" rules or "custom commands, I've tried to learn about them (as I'm coding illiterate).with not much success.

My question is that with either of these (or anything else) is it possible with rule machine to to have an action "shutdown hub"?

I just thought of an great idea that I can accomplish this upon power outages automatically "IF" I can include a "Shutdown Hub" action rule at which my inexperience prevents this.

Nope. BUT... You can do this with outside means. So, let me ask you this... How are you monitoring your UPS? If you are monitoring from Windows or Linux or a RPi, you can do a hub reboot (and I think shutdown) from posting to a URL (via a script) on your hub.

I can't remember the URL right now, but someone else should jump in that has the links.

That's part of my problem, I'm not currently at the moment......a few months from now a NAS is in the planning stages to do so but currently nothing.

I currently have two lights that stay on 24/7 (sometimes just 10%), one of those lights is on the UPS so I have light on if an outage occurs. What my plan was the light that is NOT on the UPS use a Zooz motion sensor mounted "inside" of the lamp shade and use the lux value going to zero to send a shut down hub in 3 minutes command.

While the UPS would still have the hub/router/internet connections all still live.

Hmmmm, personally, I'd get a RPi and use it to monitor your UPS. When it switches to battery, you can send a curl command from the RPi to shutdown the hub.

$35 for a RPi and then installing NUT is much easier than what you are trying to do. In fact, I believe there are a few posts on the forums here describing exactly how to do it.

I'm pretty code illiterate, that's kinda why I don't already have a RPi, as I don't have the first clue on how or what to do with them to do anything with them.

I'm more of the Commodore 64 style programmer

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I would ask for linux help then in the lounge instead of this category. But you don't even have what you need yet so I would get the devices required then come back and ask for help.

LOL! It's a learning experience! Honestly, RPis have a full graphical desktop environment that you can install for the more "point and click" inclined folks. To be really honest, if you can read instructions on a webpage, you can operate a RPi.

As for what to do with it? Oh wow... The sky's the limit. Want to have network-wide ad blocking? Install pihole. Want to run your own media server? Install Plex or Kodi to it. NAS/File Server? You can do that with a RPi as well (and save yourself the hundreds of dollars you'd spend on a Synology or something similar).

Pretty sure I've already instructed you to stop being the forum monitor on where things are posted......if it bothers you don't respond.

I have dipped my knowledge just a bit (youtube videos lol) into the capabilities of them and I'm impressed......I guess I need to dive deeper into learning "first steps"" with them.....that is after all how I got into this automation stuff to begin with.

The RPi's just were a bit intimidating for my skillset.

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Yeah, for $35, getting a single RPi and a SD card and just playing with it would open you up to literally hundreds of different ideas... Even just for home automation.

I say go for it, get your feet wet and have fun with it. If you mess something up, you can pop the SD card out, put it into your computer, reflash it and be back on your way in less than 10 minutes. It's seriously that easy. :smiley:

I'll take you up on that advice, it's next on my shopping list.

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Not being a "forum monitor" but giving solid advice. You don't even have a Rpi and you don't even know how to use it (GOOGLE) and this category isn't to teach anyone linux thus I suggested the lounge instead.

Your post title says "LEARN ME PLEASE". This isn't a class room.

Read the actual first post...... captain obvious, you're digging yourself deeper as my first post was DRIECTLY asking about "RULES" in RULE MACHINE......and migrated into this, and neither of it was asking for your input on where the posts should be categorized.....

Again, better off if you don't respond to my posts.,,,,PLEASE

Ok so I'll also point out Maker API can also be used to deal with a NUT status.

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