Leaksmart Water Valve feed-through UPS

I've never been confident that the built-in 4 AA battery backup was sufficient. Nice feature, but just not burly enough for my belt & braces mentality. Meanwhile, the feed-through ups on the hub has been doing great, so...........


This replaces the 9 Vdc power supply. It comes with a 9v cable that fits the LS 's (ver 1 & 2) female barrel jack. Even the polarity is right, imagine that! Everything worked right out of the box.

Valve versions: Leaksmart water valve? - #24 by aaiyar

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Ooh - I love that idea! Going to do it!!

Thank YOU!!

15 years ago we had water damage that came in north of $75k. That makes a $50 ups seem more than reasonable.

Bonus: It's a LiFePO4 battery with less fire concerns --my first LiFePO4.

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