Latest on Zigbee IR blaster?

Any recommendations on an IR blaster that can learn from another remote? I'd prefer Zigbee then followed by WiFi I guess... no zwave. Any pointers?

I don't think it exists. Your best bet is a Switchbot hub which has IR built in and thanks to @tomw you can fully control it via the cloud API. The only downside is that it does require the cloud. Incidentally this also allows the use of some Bluetooth devices to work as well albeit Switchbot only.

Isn't it absolutely amazing how each protocol seems to be lacking entirely in certain products catagories. Reminds of fan controllers.


No, but what exactly are you trying to control? There are often options depending upon what device it is.

"I'm gonna stick with Zwave/Matter/Zigbee/Wifi".

Well good luck with that! Like you say, there are some very weird gaps (and overlaps too) in devices that are available in each protocol.

Edit and that isn't directed at OP, just crap you read on the net.


Another plug here for the SwitchBot HubMini option -- as no directly-integrable ZW or ZB option is available (and don't hold your breath), it fills that gap very admirably and reliably courtesy of @tomw's fine efforts.


Thanks all!!! I have a weird no-name blue light thingy that projects moving shapes on the ceiling. I just want to be able to turn it on at night for a few hours. It has an IR remote so was thinking that was the way to go. THANKS! I'll consider all the comments!!

I know you said no z-wave but I have had 0 issues with the Remotec ZXT-310 for general usage and my ZXT-600 for our Mini Split


You can try the broadlink RM Mini. I am successfully using a RM pro2, a RM Mini3 and an RM Mini 4 on my hubs to control my TV and AC.
The code is technically deprecated but still works. The best part is it is a direct connect to the broadlink device over your LAN, No cloud needed, and the response is very fast.
Be forwarned, Broadlink, like Sonoff & Tuya are rapidly changing firmware, so what works today might not next month. Worst case your out 10-15 bucks if it doesn't work, at least for an RM Mini . The RM Pro also does RF devices(345 & 450mHz but is more expensive(~40$)
Here's the link:

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@Rxich I did find the cloned driver code, but not the app and it does not appear to work without the HE app installed on the Hubitat.

I would really like this to run locally, but for now I am able to do simple timed routines via Google Home (ie. turn on TV to the appropriate streaming service and change the lights every Tuesday at 9). And that, at least, I don't consider essential if Broadlink goes bust (unlike if all the light bulbs or thermostat stopped working)

Do you have a broadlink device already?
I thought the thread I linked had a link to both app & driver?

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Yes, I do. The HE driver and app are no longer available from the original link in the thread (taken down by the developer of the driver/app). Someone cloned the driver, but I haven't found a clone of the HE app and the driver doesn't work without the HE app.

It looks like if you didn't already have the originals installed before they were removed from GitHub, there is no way to do it now.

Hopefully, the community creates a new driver, because the blaster itself is really useful and one of my better smart home purchases

Buried within that thread is this link to both the driver and the app. I have no clue how well this version works.

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Thank you!! I will try it and report back

Admittedly, this was not designed to work with the RM4, but I thought it was worth trying out on the RM4Pro and it did not work. I think if you could get your hands on an RM3, it probably would still work

Are you interested in using the Broadlink RM3 for IR (infrared) control? Have you considered an alternative approach using @bptworld's Send IP2IR? Full local control - like the Lutron integration.

It works with Global Cache iTach IP2IR and WF2IR devices linked below:

Both of these can be optionally outfitted with IR blasters etc.


RM mini 3 works great and is cheaper than a bag of chips :smiley:


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