Last ditch effort before I remove the C5 and just stop all this automation

Sometime this morning my zigbee devices stopped responding and dashboard updates stopped responding. I can press things like turn lights on or off and they may or may not update and the dashboard is not updating completely. Something are on and can't be turned off (even though they are off) and somethings are off and can't be turned on.

This seemed to start after I updated to yesterday.

This morning I've reset zigbee devices, I've gone back to software and soft reset the hub and still the same thing. its interesting after a reboot I check the HUB OS memory and its 641k and 5 mins later its 496k.

I have a C7 I could upgrade and move everything over, but right now I'm just burned out on the whole mess this is giving me. Any suggestions, ideas before I just shut it down and remove it all and go back to doing this manually with light switches that actually work?

Update: I've repaired the zigbee devices and everything is back working. Strange this is the second time in about 8 months I've had to do this where it all just dies on me and then repairing them makes them work again.

Did you ever actually shut down the hub and remove power for 10+ seconds to restart the radio?

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Yep I did in fact it was off for about 15 mins as I got side tracked with something else. Then I reset a second time and left it for about 5 mins and same thing. Then I decided to just re-pair the zigbee devices. Its funny as it only affects some of the bulbs in the house but not all zigbee devices. Anyways, its all back and working for another 8 months.. lol

^^^ That is a key factor. If some devices are working, it means that one or more devices in your mesh aren't working properly. Resetting the hub and/or power cycling will not help remedy the problem. Instead, carefully identifying the bad/misbehaving device(s) and removing it (them) from the mesh (or adding repeaters to strengthen the mesh if the problem is rather related to radio interference) is the only way to avoid problems in the future.

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If my hunch is correct, sometimes not. Water Sensor in our guest bathroom appears it might have been the culprit. I was focused on bulbs since that was not working but this morning a clue led me to the water sensor. We'll see..

All devices are within 30-35 feet so I'd be hard pressed to think I need a repeater but who knows. I could add one in and see what it does, most other devices are pretty much line of sight to the hub.

Last time I did change channels to a lower one and as well bumped up to a higher one in this instance. Time will tell.

What kind of bulbs do you have? I highly doubt the water sensor is the caused unless it's also a repeater. Your focus on the bulbs is probably correct if they are repeaters.

Well I have 8 Sengled bulbs, one Sylvania OSRAM bulb, and 4 Sylvania RGBW LED Strips for over and under cabinet lighting. I had original thought it was 2 of the Sengled bulbs and took those out of the picture, turned the hub off let it sit while I finished my flight and then turned back on about 15-30 mins later, but still couldn't get a response.

So I then pulled all of them but 2 (outside coach lights) out of the picture and the LED strips power down hub and let sit for about 5 mins and then power back up and still nothing. I then took the hub back to the previous software and still nothing. Power down again and let it sit no response.

At that point I defaulted the 6 bulbs bulbs and 4 LED strips and once I added them all back in its been working 100% but I found the water sensor to be not working for the previous few days. I then removed that put a new battery in and added it back in and all has been perfect since.

Sengled bulbs and the water sensor are end devices so they are likely not the problem. Osram bulbs on the other hand could be the culprit for messing your ZigBee mesh for your Sengled and water sensor. Osram bulbs are repeaters. I don't have anymore Osram bulbs but I still do have the garden lightify. I don't have the same issue since it's out in the garden away from other devices but they do go offline once in awhile.

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