LAN Device discovery - no devices found

I recently purchased a Hubitat Elevation and have successfully discovered a ZWave device. However, when I attempt to add my wifi connected smart sprinkler timer (Orbit B-Hyve 12 station timer) by running a LAN device discovery I get a message saying no devices were found. I have tried multiple ways to ensure the hubitat is on the same network segment as the Orbit, but with no success. (I can ping the timer etc.)

With that said, are there any other ways to add LAN devices manually? Or is there something else I need to configure on the hubitat or the orbit timer to allow the timer to be discovered?

Most LAN devices require either

  • the installation of an App, which in turn can attempt to discover LAN devices of the specific type that App is designed for
  • manual installation of a Virtual Device using the appropriate Driver for the device you're trying to control. In this case, you typically have to type in the IP address/Port of the device on your home network so the HE hub can connect to it. Note: you should create DHCP reservations in your router for both the HE hub and the LAN device to prevent changing IP addresses from screwing things up later.

If the above doesn't help, I would recommend you contact as I am sure one of their team can assist you with the getting this device working, assuming it is officially supported by Hubitat (looks like it may be supported in firmware 2.1.2, which is pretty new.)


Thanks, it looks like I misunderstood the version of my sprinkler timer that Hubitat supports natively. They do not support the wifi timers from Orbit, only the zigbee enabled version (which I can't seem to find anywhere?).

I believe that model may have been marketed under the Lowes Iris platform, and thus is no longer available? Just a guess.

how can i add the device with its mac and ip and port?

What device are you trying to add? Typically, one would manually add a "Virtual Device" and select the correct driver type from the drop-down list of drivers when presented. Also, fill in a Name. Then, the next page will be that Device's details page, which would normally have settings where you could input the IP address plus any other required information about the LAN device. Once entered, click SAVE and the device should start communicating.

Note: For LAN devices, it is usually a best practice to reserve an IP address for the device in your router's DHCP server. This will ensure the device always gets the same IP address, which your Hubitat hub is trying to communicate with. The same DHCP reservation is advised for the Hubitat hub as well.

I am trying with several, smart wall switch, smart plugs, light bulbs, power strips and nothing. i add the virtual device, select the driver type and cannot go any further light to detect it or something else. cant get any next page for the settings you mention to input the ip address.

yes i already add those ip and mac address to the reservation list on the router

What brand switches, plugs, etc. are these? Is there a community integration (app or driver) to use them with Hubitat?

i have sonoff light switches, kazaa power strips, a meroos garage door for opening, the lights are from smart life app i believe, i also have a cameras from wyze

There is a community integration for sonoff switches if they are flashed with Tasmota. Don’t know about the others.


Only way to perform any integration with Wyze cameras that I know of is via IFTTT.


Assuming you meant Kasa power strips... maybe this will help?


oooh my god yeah i meant kasa, hahaha long time memorias of that other kazaa. thanks!