Lacking comment out lines - how about this?

I think it would be very handy to be able to paste from the actions clipboard into the notes area and to be able to copy from the notes area and paste into the rule. Just something to think about.

If I understand correctly, rather than selecting actions, devices etc from drop down lists, you want to enter text via the clipboard into the rule. If so, that is not possible, as the editor creates the background rule via those selections. It doesn't parse out the text in the rule. I sure somebody can explain it better than I.

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When I copy or clip some lines from a rule I get the image below showing what is in the action clipboard. I thought it would be great to be able to paste these lines into the note rather than the rule. And later copy it from the note back to the rule.


That is my understanding as well. I believe rules are database structures created out of the front end that we use.

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The above are correct: the text you see in the "Actions to run" is just a summary of your selections from the UI, but it's really your selections in the UI (plus the Rule Machine code itself--which you can't see) that makes things run. It would be possible to go one way, action text to notes. I'm not sure of the usefulness. But it would be impossible to go the other direction--text to rule (though some people have asked for similar things in the past).

I'm sure we'll get better comments from staff, but I wouldn't count on either thing myself. :slight_smile:


I understand Robert - thanks for the reply and explanation. Just a random thought I had.

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