Kwilset 912

Has anyone had any luck pairing either the z-wave or zigbee version of this lock? I tried both with no luck..

Make sure you're on platform, it includes a hot fix for at least one kwikset zwave lock join issue.

running the update right now... I will post back in a few

updated removed and paired the zigbee lock back up same issue.

I am going to try the z-wave lock now

The z-wave lock worked!!!! One down one 2 go

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Thanks the z-wave lock worked but the zigbee version is still having issues

Zigbee join issues are almost always lack of repeaters.

The lock was right next to the hub

I Removed the lock from the door as I have been working with support for 3 days now

I am assuming whatever bug was affecting z-wave version is affecting the ZigBee version of the lock as both locks We’re doing the same thing.

Separate drivers, separate radios.
The problems aren't related from that perspective.

thanks for the tip

I'm confused, is it not paired?
It looks paired to me.

Do you have any zigbee bulbs connected to your hub?, and if so, what brands...

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Hi Mike, Sorry for the delay but I unable to respond due to the reply limit.

Nothing show up in the logs.