Kwikset lock stop working

Hello everyone. I'm getting very frustrated with HE, I only wanted to move over from wink to this for true local, but I must say the setup is not as easy as wink, no phone support and I know I'm not just the only 1 who can get lost in these threads.

I had some struggles getting my kwikset lock working, I had this working on friday, Via the app to test I can click lock and unlock and it worked.

Now today it's not. I had 2 rules set and I tried each and neither worked, which was simple, door unlock, turn on a light between a certain time. this was a setup I had in wink and worked well except for their delays at times.

  1. Is it because I moved the hub back to the location of choice? because the only way to get this back on was to have the hub next to the lock and that's how I got it to work. My hub is in my basement, the lock is on the 1st floor, I have lights going through the hub on the 1st floor also and they work.

In the 3rd image I highlighted the date/time, I'm not sure if that's because I was changing to different drivers where sometimes it gave me a Fake "unlock" since nothing happened but I did that to see if the device "Generic Zwave lock" just needed to be refreshed, but once it was back to that and I tried to unlock, nothing happens.

BTW the


If the distance between lock and hub is big you likely need to add some repeaters in the middle to make the mesh stronger

Not true... My Kwikset is 15 feet away with 1 GE zwave plus switch between and mine is still a hit/miss.

I'm starting to have a real buyers remorse here. I had to buy a lutron hub for $100 bucks to get my lutron to work, I see lifx have to go through some manually setups, nest protect I'm waiting to hear back from support on, Quirky Tapt maybe dead in the water, Other than local control I'm not sold on this anymore, I really didn't think the setups was going to be this complicated.

If my lights are in the same place as the lock, shouldn't it work since my lights are working? I understand having the hub close for pairing, but if I need to keep it as close as I had it, that would be unexceptionable to me.

The only good thing I can appreciate so far, is that there are so many cool people in here ready to help. I appreciate that and I've fixed so many other issues from readying these threads,

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  1. You have to put the hub close to the lock in order to do a secure pairing process.
  2. After it's paired, and you can manually see that it works, put the hub back to it's intended position.
  3. run a z-wave repair in order to update the "hop" table.

Ensure that you have no more than 30-40 feet between repeaters.
Ensure that you have a zwave device with "beaming" capability "close (within 10 feet)" to the door lock
(to hold the messages while the lock is asleep).

For more information on what "beaming" is:

I am having a similar problem. It works oe time and then stops. Sadly, the lock is my only Z-wave device. I am thinking of relocating to the Office area (I have ethernet cable available there). It will reduce distance.


Yup, there isn't any magic here.

If the signal isn't strong enough with the hub in its current location you either need to move the hub, or buy some good quality z-wave repeating (plug-n / hard wired) devices.

It isn’t HE. I had issues with reliability with my Kwikset 888 on ST. There are other threads about the zwave module being junk in the Kwiksets. Moving the radio over to Zigbee seemed to work for most. I personally just switched over to Yale 110’s and have had zero issues since. $40 out of my pocket after I sold the Kwikset s on eBay.

Add me to the list of people who have intermittent issues with he kwikset locks. They were a real pita to get paired and now they just go to sleep. If I lock and unlock them a few times they start responding again. However I doubt its the zwave module as they ran rock solid under smart things for years. If I were buying new locks I wouldn't get the kwikset for hubitat, hell I might not get any zwave locks until I saw confirmation that something was fixed.

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Yes I don't think it's Kwikset either because mine has been fine for 3 yrs with WINK. 1st time ever i'm having any issues

Tough to tell..

My 3 kwikset zwave locks worked probably 99% with Hubitat. But I have a TON of zwave devices and a lot of beaming capable repeaters all over the place, so my zwave mesh is very good/strong.

That being said, I still converted all 3 of my kwikset locks from zwave to zigbee, as I liked the faster response speed.

What brand and model zigbee locks do you have now? I would like to look into them because I do need 1 more.

I kept my Kwikset locks, and just replaced the zwave module in it with a zigbee module. You can sometimes find the zigbee modules on eBay or Amazon for $50-70. Or buy a used zigbee Kwikset lock, take out the module and just throw way the lock part (I did that for one of the modules I needed)... lol.

You should be able to swap modules on all of the 9xx series locks. If you have an 8xx lock you would probably have to replace it.

Just note, if you go this route make sure you get the yellow/gold colored modules not the red colored ones. The red are Control4 modules and can't be used on other systems.

I've seen people selling the red colored zigbee modules a number of times on eBay. I bought one not knowing the difference... Oops, wasted $$$.

OK, I took the advice and added another Z-wave device. It is 5 feet closer to the hub and this solved the problem.

Good Deal. I added a Go-Control Z-Wave BR-30 light in the entry hall can. It seemed a DEAL at 10.95 for a dimming, 5K flood. I ordered another one for the rear hallway can.

Just to chime in; My Kwikset lock (Z-Wave) has always been crap on both SmartThings and HE. For months it would work fine, then just quit for seemingly no reason at all. It would "magically" come back seemingly when it felt like it.

Meanwhile, my Yale YRD210 (Zigbee) lock has worked flawlessly on HA, ST and HE for years.

I have a Kwikset 910 Z-Wave lock since August of 2017 and it's been great. The only times it gets a bit grumpy are when the batteries drop below 40% or right after I update HE. For the later, I just go into the device page and refresh the lock. YMMV