Kwikset lock not updating codes



I have a 914 lock and the LCM app does not work. I cannot add or remove from LCM. It fails out. I removed all the codes (from device screen), factory reset with still the same outcome using LCM.

I can add or delete the codes from the device screen with no issues.


If you are able to add any codes at all, then the issue doesn't reside with the driver, software doesn't work like that.
I don't have any idea what FF means either, and since I don't we treat it as a failure to update the code.
If you wish to loan me the lock, I can look at what it's doing, at the least I'll be able to see if its an issue with the lock or not.
Other than that, there's nothing that I can do here.


Have you read the LCM tutorial?


I have 10 of these locks and i keep 3 spares. If you contact me via PM or email, i will be glad to ship you one of my spare locks for you to lab out and see if you can generate a similar problem. I am appreciative we are working towards a solution.



My Issue:
Kwikset 910/912 Lock = List of supported devices. My 914 & 916 are not on the supported devices on Hubitat.

Sorry I missed that. Thanks Mike.


They should still work, but not being on the list just means we haven't actually tested it.


I have an additional question, all of my locks have zwave modules, but i see kwikset also have a zigbee module. Is that supported under the LCM and Hubitat? I am asking because i love hubitat other then this one really really really annoying problem, and if i need to swap the zwave module for zigbee i might be willing to make that investment if it is supported fully same as the zwave module is supported fully.


yes.. see this thread


You might try a dedicated extender first. It's a less expensive option and from this thread you can see that a lot of users are finally heeding @bobbyD 's advice, and have been pleasantly surprised at the results.