Kwikset Door Codes

I'm hoping someone can help. I've just replaced my Vera system with Hubitat. We have a rental home and with Vera I could change lock codes in their app, making it easy to quickly get guests into our home on a moments notice. I'm trying to do the same with Hubitat but cant seem to configure the dashboard or do this thru the Hubitat menu system online. Has anyone done this out there and could you please show me how? Thanks! Neil

See if this helps

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I use 'Lock Code Manager' which can be installed via the sidebar of your hub, select Apps and press the Add Built-In App button.. You can multiple guest set key codes, auto expire them by future date, etc.

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You may have to have a Hubitat Remote Admin subscription or your own VPN into the rental home to run Lock Code Manager remotely. Try the Dashboard setup link I attached to my previous message. I just followed the instructions myself (they are a little out of date screen wise) just now and got it working with my Schlage lock so it is possible to use this without an Admin Subscription or VPN.