Kwikset 910 Z-Wave Lock

On a Kwikset lock, its the button on the circuit board that's in the upper left corner. Under item number 4 on page 2:

ok -- Got it -- they do not have the "A" in the diagram I stumbled upon - --so your directions saved me hours--this is the one I was using (for 909) but same idea -- I guess maybe I forgot that I added the radio to this set -- which made it a 910 but my box said 909. So in the event someone may have added a radio and forgot the setup, that "A" button really helps. I set this up nearly 6 years ago.

Yeah, right? That's about how long mine have been set up. I have no idea what happened to the instructions that came with my locks in the intervening years, so I was also using the wrong directions. csteele is my hero for surfacing the old data I needed, because the bit about the Lock button vs the program button is NOWHERE on the kwikset website.

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I have gotten into the habit of putting the included manual aside and instead searching for the PDF version of the manual. I then upload them to Google Books. They are then available on my Android or iOS devices. Especially with HA devices where it isn't unusual to remove and re-pair them occasionally, it saves loads of hair pulling.


I have the same problem. Just moved from ST to Hubitat but, damn! These little things are so annoying with Hubitat! So many issues like this, I wonder if I am not going to go back to ST. This problem has been raised in another forum more than a year ago and they've done nothing to fix it, apparently, so far. My Kwikset (not old at all) loses connection too. This is so damn unacceptable for it is a real security matter that we're talking about here. @mike.maxwell ? Any idea ? My device is barely 10 feet away from the hub... And was one of the devices that never posed any sort of pb under ST... none whatsoever.

I've had trouble with the Kwikset 910z myself. They're a cantankerous device, I believe they have an awful radio in them and they don't wake as locks are supposed to so they get missed in repair due to being asleep.

@doug have you encountered the same problem with ST? Because mine has worked flawlessly with ST for years. I hate ST, but the fact is that it worked under ST and here, now that I FINALLY got it to pair, it loses connection now and then.

I don't know if anybody noticed, but the device handler constantly resets the "Enable debug logging" option to "false" after a couple hours. At first I wasn't sure that it wasn't me just forgetting I had not set it up, but after the 5th time, I kinda was sure...

This is annoying, very annoying and, indeed, a serious deal breaker....

Assuming you paired your lock with the Secure pair option?
My 910 is a bit troublesome when it comes to updating status but it commands well.
Maybe un-pair and re-pair?

I had a little more luck on ST with these locks, but they were still problematic. I recommend buying a zigbee board and replace the zwave one, you can get them on eBay and Amamzon. There are threads on what to get. I got both of mine for under $70. Reliability difference is tremendous.

The device debug logging switch is toggle off after a period of time by the platform to reduce load on the system.

Oh! :crazy_face:

Many months ago I found this in Hubitat's sample code on their Github...

>     	if (debugOutput) runIn(1800,logsOff)
>     def logsOff() {
>         log.warn "debug logging disabled..."
>         app?.updateSetting("debugOutput",[value:"false",type:"bool"])
> 	  // device.updateSetting("debugOutput",[value:"false",type:"bool"])
>     }

I've since incorporated it into my apps and drivers, and encouraged others to do the same... for a consistent user experience.

[1800 seconds = 30 mins]

You should see Live Log entries like this:

app:13 22019-07-09 12:24:44.086 pm warn debug logging disabled...


Hey effege, I am in no way up to the level these guys are, but there is a lot of other talk around the community that ST constantly polls its devices where HE does not as it wastes network bandwidth... That is possibly the reason the locks stayed more consistent in ST...

I personally (after some pairing problems unrelated to this) switched out my z-wave locks for zigbee... They are reported to work better... I have had mine for about two months and so for they are solid...

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well, I guess I can write an app that polls the device on a schedule... That'd fix the issue if this is what causes it. I'll look into it.

Thanks for your answer.

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I have some issues with mine losing connection. I even put a couple z wave + window sensors in the same room hoping that would help it stay connected. It seems like every few weeks I have to do the reset with the key to get it to wake up. Would using the built in polling app help? If someone has another solution I'm very interested in that as well.

I would recommend Zigbee. Since I've switch my front door to zigbee, it has worked flawlessly. You can pick one up on Ebay for $50-$60. Otherwise check Amazon for used locks with zigbee. Reliable lock app didn't work for me either with zwave boards. Hubitat and Kwikset zwave don't get along for some reason.

csteele - Would your Hubi-Poll work for this?

You may know this, but only plugged in / mains powered devices act as zwave repeaters. So if those window sensors are battery operated, that would do nothing to help your locks or zwave mesh.

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Heh, That quote attributed to me was not by me. You can poll the devices using RM if you want. I didn't find that to have an appreciable affect on performance.

I bought two zigbee boards on ebay. When I got the first one, the selection on ebay was limited, so I paid $70 for it. That lock works flawlessly now. For my second board, I found one that was an auction and no one else noticed it. I ended up getting it for $5! So, on average, I'm doing pretty good. :slight_smile:

Damn RM! It takes all the pleasure of coding out of my hand! :slight_smile:

No. I was not aware of that. Thank you for the clarification.

Is the staff at least aware of the fact that these devices have issues endemic to HE? They disconnect, every couple days, even when batteries are full and while they worked, for me at least, flawlessly with ST.

Anyone knows of a custom made driver for these that would be available? It seems HE is becoming busier and now closer to ST's reactivity...