Kwikset 910 (older version) not auto-refreshing status

All, I ordered the following off Amazon years ago. It was working perfectly fine on my Smartthings hub prior to be moving over to Hubitat (C-8 hub).

Everything works except for the fact that it doesn't auto-refresh the status. It never refreshes if I manually unlock/lock. It sometimes refreshes when I use the app to unlock/lock (more reliable when I do it in Dashboard & not in the "devices" portion of the interface).

As a workaround, I made rules that request a refresh of the status when the door opens, the lock changes at all, and then every hour on the hour. I saw someone say they made "An app that will create virtual locks that 'wrap' your physical lock devices, making them more reliable.". But I basically did the same thing with Rules.

I know we are told to use the Driver "Generic Z-Wave Lock" (as per Hubitat's own documentation), but has anyone had better luck with a custom driver? When I was on Smartthings, I used a custom driver and didn't need extra apps/rules. I honestly can't find the DTH I was using before, though...

Possible DTHs :

Has anyone got the same lock to auto-refresh or is using a custom driver/app that works better? Should I use continue to use rules or go to the "Hubitat Reliable Locks" App?

If I can't get this to work reliably, I'm just going to either Danalock or August. Due to HOA policy, the outside portion of the lock cannot change. Appreciate the help!

@MikeNYC The reason it does not send status is because it is z-wave and not z-wave plus. You can try installing the built in polling app.

Ahh, ok. So an app/periodic-schedule rule is needed.

The polling app won't do locks.

  • "If your GE devices pairs as "Generic Z-Wave Dimmer" or "Generic Z-Wave Switch" it is a candidate for needing Z-Wave Poller. Z-Wave Poller only works with devices that pair with these two drivers."
  • Z-Wave Poller | Hubitat Documentation
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I set up a simple WebCore piston to poll these locks and some cranky iBlinds FLiRS devices.