Kwikset 910 not working

Now that the Alexa Skill is in place I am moving my final items over to smartThings. The last item is my kwikset 910 door lock. When I paired it with HE it recognized it as a generic zwave lock, but the lock is still uncontrollable. It doesn't even generate a log. Does anyone have this lock setup in HE? Anything special I need to do?

Yes, I have two of these in production, and another one in the lab using our generic driver.
If it's not generating any logs it's not paired, probably the secure pairing didn't complete.


make sure you see that in the Device page for your lock. (Ignore the rest, it's for my Yale, so it won't match yours.)

Exclude/Include til it shows up. I tried it a bunch of times, close up, like the mythology said. But what worked is when I had the Hub where it lives and the lock mounted to the door like it was supposed to be. 30 ft, a floor/ceiling between, but surrounded by Powered ZWave devices in the mesh.

This is all mine says now, but it's working:

Current States

  • lock : locked
  • maxCodes : 30

Never mind. I see it under data.

Yes, second block UP from the very bottom of the device page for your lock. (I know you found it, just adding clarity now for the guy that will be reading this next year.... at which point, it won't be the 2nd block anymore :slight_smile: )


I'm having intermittent trouble with one of these locks. By and large it won't unlock via a rule but it locks fine. Sometimes I can trigger the lock to lock from a dashboard, other times I cannot.

Any advice?

Still looking forward to lock manager app.

My friend I sold my ST hub to is having no success getting his Kwickset Smartcode 916 to even pair with the hub, but it paired with the his NVida Shield. Already sent him to the ST community posts regarding pairing issues with this lock.

Not trying to hijack a HE forum post with ST questions, just generally wondering if these are problematic locks to pair and does a failure to securely pair, equate to a failure to pair at all with a lock? Completely naive in the subject of Zwave locks. No personal experience with them. Just hoping for some of the amazing expertise I find here to give him a sense of how to get some success with the issue.

Yes, they are very finicky in pairing. I mentioned, I think, in another thread that I have to bring mine within a couple feet of the hub to get them to work. And they don't exclude well either. I usually end up fighting with them for an hour or so, and usually getting it to work after becoming very angry. :sunglasses:

I wouldn't recommend them for that reason, though having no experience with another brand. That and you apparently can't program more than 3 codes of 30 capable at the lock itself. Only with a lock manager software (such as RBoys).

anecdotally.. I have a yale (YRD446) and it's just the opposite for pairing :frowning:

ZWave has a "whisper mode" option in which the radio power is greatly reduced. As a result, the distance between hub and lock needs to be small. Feet, as in 1 - 2 feet. It was a security feature on "perimeter devices" - it was one thing to have your lights go nuts because someone was sitting on the street hacking you, quite another for them to open your door locks/garage doors.

Apparently the Kwickset subscribes to that logic while my Yale does not. When I got it, I assumed it would and held it close. It would pair, but not securely. I held it closer.. touching pretty much.. pair, not secure. I gave up and did other stuff. A day or two later I wanted logs to review so without moving the Hub, I went and started a pairing. The Hub was about 15 ft away, through a floor/ceiling with 3 active (powered) Zwave devices virtually surrounding the lock, within a 3 ft circle.

Paired instantly, securely. I've had no trouble with it since except last weekend when the batteries got to 56% - which is Yale speak for dead, apparently. :frowning:

In other words, pairing for MY lock worked best when it was far apart. Almost the same story for my Linear (GoControl/Iris) garage door opener.

"Zwave locks require beaming repeaters, but that’s not a distance issue. They have the same distance as any other device using their protocol, it’s just that the transmitting device has to support the beaming feature. They do have the same “whisper distance” issue, but again that’s only for the initial pairing."

Thanks so much. Have given him the link to the last few comments here. Hopefully he has the patience to try for an hour! :roll_eyes: That's just nuts that it's so problematic to pair!

If only we could "see" the radio signals. :smiley:

Thankfully we cannot. Wouldn't be able to see where we were going with all the signals crisscrossing our paths. :grinning:

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Hello thanks for this Info. I paired mine and everything worked fine next day 10 or 20 feet away it did not work at all. The red light "A" got on, but no locking activity at all.
Do I understand the Hubatat Z-wave does not support this device in terms of that whispering mode ? Any solution beside to buy another one ?

This is a function of the repeater, not HE.

Thanks for the answer. Repeater.... ? I have the Z-wave Kwickset 910 s and Hubitat box. as there anything i can do to get this thing to wake up ?

Sounds like you need a repeater between the lock and the hub.

Thanks that what I thought but 10 feet should be not t far if so the Kwickset (what else to expect from this brand) a piece for the trash cane . Was already shocked about the ugly cheap noise (like a garagemade device form the sixties). THanks god i got it for little money :slight_smile:

also just tried to put it next to the hub 20 cm and no connection at all ..... until i start inside Hubitat the device refresh.
It looks really this device needs a repeater right next to it .

I've got two of these and one in the lab, but I've got beaming repeaters all over the place, every light switch/dimmer is one, that's like 30 or so...
Yeah, very noisy lock, but honestly schlage, and Yale are noisy as well, even august is begging to be torn apart and massaged...
The only lock I own that actually is top notch mechanically and quiet is the keyWe.