Kwikset 620 Lock - Can't get device to load in Hubitat

New Hubitat Elevation hub. Kwikset 620 will be the first device. I've tried adding via Smart Start and it shows "included", but it does not show up on my devices list. I've tried adding as a z wave device via selecting the Kwikset 620 and also manually. It will not include the device in the network. Help!!!

How far is the lock from the hub when pairing?

I have 3x 620s on Hubitat, and they are working great.

That said, sometimes Kwikset locks really want to be close to the hub during pairing. Historically they have transmitted the security codes in "whisper" (aka low power) mode which will make the key exchange fail sometimes if the lock and hub are too far apart during pairing.

If you are already doing the pairing close, then I would suggest:

  1. Make sure you don't have any zwave ghosts/failed pairing in the zwave details. If you do, they need to be removed before continuing.

after verifying/cleaning up any issues in #1 then:

  1. Shutdown the hub from the web interface. After you get the red light, unplug the hub from the wall. Wait 30 seconds. Plug back in. This will fully reboot/clean out the zwave radio. Try pairing again once the hub has completed starting up.

I was able to get it to work. I installed a z wave outdoor plug and then the Kwikset lock started working. I guess it needed additional z wave products to connect with.