KUDOS! undocumented features (Hubitat Package Manager)

Big Shout to @thebearmay for informing me about the undocumented feature in the packageManager.json - "releaseNotes".
This little ditty when added properly to your json file will pop up during updates of HPM in HE and alert your users to whatever content you wish to display - I want the users to know what the versions update/features are - sort of a poor mans readme or versioning notes
be sure to use \n for new lines, start and finish your text with double quotes, and don't forget that comma at the end (ie; it must be real json format).
... Thank you! @thebearmay !!

It's an undocumented part of the manifest - releaseNotes
"minimumHEVersion": "",
"dateReleased": "2021-01-21",
"releaseNotes": "2.6.17 - add currentMode and currentHsmMode attributes\n2.6.16 - allow reboot localIP into the poll cycle\n2.6.2 - simplify unit retrieval\n2.6.1 - report correct ZWave SDK\n2.6.0 - adds Hub Information Aggregation integration",
"drivers": [


Person who really made it possible (and made HPM what it is) is @dman2306, I was just fortunate enough to find out that he had included the capabilty.


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