Hi, I've ordered a Konnected interface kit which is still in the post. Is there a way of hacking my alarm PIR sensors so that when they detect motion, they can act as a trigger in RM or similar.

To be clear, I mean when the alarm is not armed, I'm looking to use the PIR to trigger certain rules thus removing the need for my Smartthings motion sensors. Basically, if this is possible, then we can have a hard wired motion sensor which doesn't require battery replacement.

Any ideas guys? @nate

I don't think that would be a problem doing, but I'm not really sure since I have the pro board. I'm curious to know what PIR sensor you have. The one I use came with a old Brinks system and it can see through my bedroom wall. I never realized it until I saw the motion icon on the tablet as I walked by.

I'm in the UK and can't recall which PIR's. Possibly Texacom ones. The standard 6 wire type. 2 wires for Tamper, 2 wires for power, 2 wires for switching

I think I might be answering my own question here. So, if your alarm is NOT armed, if you walk by a sensor, does the sensor show as active in your app?

I use my Koneected motion sensors for motion lighting when we are home (security system off) and for security when we are away.

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I don't use a konnected but I do make use of the alarm pir's via a fibaro universal binary sensor. The ubs is in the alarm wiring box and powered off the alarms 12v supply. It works all the time irrespective of the alarm status and doesn't interfere with it. The Downside is that each ubs can only handle 2 sensors.

If you're going to duplicate the alarm panel signals, it'd be a lot cheaper to do it with an Arduino and then bring it into habitat that way.

.... or an ESP as the konnected firmware is open source.

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Very true. I went with a single arduino mega + ethernet shield as I had a lot of sensors, and an ethernet switch about a foot away.

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Hi could you point me in the direction of some post or article of how to build this? I have 25 sensors and haven't opted for konnected due to cost, so would be interested in this alternative. I want to have the sensors available to hubitat in parallel without affecting the alarm panel operation.

I replaced my alarm panel entirely. That said though it wouldn't be tremendously difficult to repeat the signals either. Would just have to decide if you want to use a diode or isolator to prevent back feeding of voltage