Konnected - won't log any events

Hi all,

@nate @Abhijeet_Ghosh

I'm a huge fan of the software. Not sure what's going on now, but when I add a new nodemcu, events don't seem to log on the new board.

Oddly also, I can action the switch on and off (the fan actually switches on and off accordingly, but there's no 'state'.

I suspect this is linked to the events issues.

Any pointers much appreciated!


I'm really struggling here guys. There must be a reason - this is holding back a project =(

Here's a newly added nodemcu...

... I've added a single switch.

The new node shows up...

...Here's the device (switch) with no activity...

Here's the device view:

And here's the pic showing the events don't log...

Jesus wept. Now it's fine. What the hell....

Have you got it sorted out? Sorry, i cant help much, since I dont use konnected anymore.

If it still doesnt work, maybe try downgrading to an older version that works (i had 2.3.5 on my devices before changing to tasmota).