Konnected - Issues / Possibly related to latest Hubitat update?

Anyone else experiencing issues with Konnected? I noticed none of my wired motion sensors were registering motion in Hubitat. Checked I could connect to the Konnected panel, I could, did a restart of the hub and the panel - no change. Had to go in to the Konnected Hubitat app and click done. All then recovered.

It’s happened twice now this evening. Been rock solid for the last year. Possibly related to latest hub updates or coincidence ?

Disclaimer - I am not a Konnected user.

Do you have an IP address reservation in your router’s DHCP server for your Hubitat hub? If possible, also make sure your Konnected boards maintain their IP addresses. That should help keep communications going smoothly between the devices.

If you don’t get a better answer from a Konnected user here on the Hubitat forum, you may want to post your question on the Konnected forum.


I have Konnected with one wired motion sensor. It is working fine with the latest update.

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realize this thread is a bit old, but I am having the same issue with my HE and Konnected. Adding @nate in case he has an idea. I have a 6 board setup, recently moved over from ST, where it was working fine. I have had this moved about a month, and 2x now, all of my door/window sensors quit updating status in HE. The boards are not off wifi (can browse to their IP/Port & see status), and the blue "transmit" light activates when I open/close a door or window. The fix is to go into HE/Apps/Konnected, and click on each panel, Next, Done, and that board will start reporting again. I have to do each board, not just one, and power-cycling them and/or the hub w/o doing that does not have any effect (they still don't report).

So - 2 questions:

  1. Any ideas for troubleshooting this?
  2. (maybe more important for security) - can I set up a monitor of some sorts to see if they quit responding in HE? Our front door gets used a lot, so I thought maybe I could set up a monitor (not sure how yet though) to see if there has not been activity for >24 hours & send an alert. Other ideas very welcome, as that's not ideal for me.

What has happened is that since the boards stop responding (and were all closed/locked when that happened, apparently), the nightly routine I have to check for open Doors/Windows/Locks comes back as all locked up, even if they are not. This obviously is a security issue, and I can't live with that long-term.

Any help is appreciated! :slight_smile:

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If you still have your ST hub plugged in, and you have not deleted the Konnected integration from ST, it may be re-syncing back to ST in the background.

I have been having similar issues too with Konnected and coincidentally also been experimenting with Home Asst incl. installing the Konnected integration there. I guess it wasn't a coincidence and Konnected was just deleted from Home Assistant.

Hey @nate - thank you for that - I did run into that issue (pointing to ST and HE) as part of migration, and I believe I have them all deleted from ST, and the API endpoints are only pointing to the HE device (in my case,, and HE has a static IP reservation). Is there any other place to check besides the device status page for that?

I am testing it presently to see if I can get them to quit responding in the app, and I reproduced the issue by rebooting the hub (again, all boards available on network, but HE quit updating status).

Note that "shutdown Hub" does not create this issue - if I "shutdown" the hub, and then power-cycle it, things work OK (as long as they were working prior to that - it will not fix the issue once they quit reporting in). It's the reboot option that seems to repro the issue reliably.

So hopefully that is helpful - if you want logs/versions/whatever, please let me know. One more thing I just noticed in testing. Using a PC, I rebooted HE to repro issue, then tested (didn't work), did a "shutdown", and power-cycled. Tested (didn't work), so on the PC, I went to apps/Panel 2 (where the door is at I have been testing with) - instead of opening right away, it stayed on a screen that said "Connecting to Konnected Service Manager" for much longer than normal, so while it was coming up, I carried my tablet to the door; part way there, I saw the "current states" update from Closed to Open and then Closed again - almost like the status had been queued, and didn't get read again until i opened the app in HE. It now works again - difference is that it seems to only have had to load the Konnected Service Manager - I didn't have to click Next/Done for it to start working again.

Secondly, though, any thoughts on something I could put in place to monitor for this happening in the future?

is HE changing IP address every time you reboot?

no - I have a reservation for it on .7

doesn't sound like a common problem. two places to look for clues:

  1. Hubitat logs
  2. Device logs: Device Debugging with PuTTY : Konnected Help & Support

OK - I get where the HE logs might be useful, but the other link just talks about connecting to the board via PuTTY, and I don't know where to go from there - am I looking for something in particular?

For HE logs, when it is working, I see the events in the log:

When I do a reboot & it is not working, then I still get entries in the logs, but no status updates in HE:

I really think it's something app/driver related on HE, as the physical board transmits (as evidenced by the blue light & that HE is seeing events) regardless of whether HE app is updating status or not. Additionally, I didn't start this thread, so maybe not just isolated to my setup?

Mine is working reliably again; I tracked it down to when it moved between wireless access points (I have a couple of UniFi APs). I created an SSID that was tied to the nearest AP and configured it to connect to this. The IP address wasn’t changing but there was something it didn’t like with that.

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I am having the same issue with konnected stopping to update hubitat. Twice in the last week I have had to power cycle the konnected to restore operations. I can see discovery message every 5 mins or so in logs but there are no state changes being reported. Any ideas or suggestions? I have 1 konnected and 1 hubitat.

Adding to my previous comment, I see the refresh attributes of devices debug messages which occur every 5 minutes have stopped occurring.
app:1012020-10-19 11:16:36.359 am debugRefreshed attributes of device [deviceAddress:3570, ssdpTerm:urn:schemas-konnected-io:device:Security:1, serialNumber:, hub:1, name:, verified:true, ssdpPath:/Device.xml, model:Konnected, ssdpUSN:uuid:8f655392-a778-4fee-97b9-482591856ad33::urn:schemas-konnected-io:device:Security:1, networkAddress:C0A8018F, mac:2CF43256AD33, ssdpNTS:null]

I know this is very old, but wanted to reinstate as I had this happen again (2nd time) after an update. The quick fix still works. Thank you rrands1!!!

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