Konnected IO....taking the plunge this weekend...any advice?


I just pull power from the konnected board and reboot it to get it back on wifi.


Personally I think there should be a LAN option and not just WiFi for reliability.


Just had the issue of Konnected going offline because of a 3 day power outage. When power came back, I saw the Konnected board blinking the blue light, when I saw that, I just went on my cell phone, went into Wifi settings, and saw the Konnected WIFI and reconnected Like I did when I first installed it. VERY SIMPLE. Just remember, the Konnected wifi board SHOULD NOT have a CONSTANT blue light blinking. If it does that means its looking to reconnect


I had installed the Konnected interface and because I didn't have an extra empty zone , I couldn't connect the relays to turn the alarm off or on, BUT remember, your now connected to your Hubitat system so if you have the Home security monitor setup and have a siren connected to that, then you can just arm Hubitat and it will utilize all your wired and wireless sensors and if , GOD forbid a break in, the Hubitat siren will go off. ALSO, if your really paranoid lolo- (which I am when taking long trips) I arm BOTH the Hubitat alarm AND my wired alarm . They both can work together with no issues, You just wont be able to turn your old wired system off and on from away, but all your wired sensors will work with both systems


That’s good intel to know and how to handle. Appreciate the detail.
So with all of the if-then options on Hubitat is there no monitor that can send a text if something goes off line?
Or is that something that the users have to recommend to Hubitat to address in the future?
I know another gent mentioned a different solution with other software but would be great to get as a native part of Hubitat capability.


Not easily, no. That's why I do it in node-red. Someone could submit it as an enhancement request, though.

Native is OK - but I do so many things in Node-Red, even if it were built in I would likely still do it in Node-Red. It is just much better suited for that type of logic.


Like Jason said, not easily. I'm not inclined to have other computers etc running just to check if the hub is connected. I'm surprised they haven't devised a way of at least emailing you when your hub looses internet connection. Tons of devices do that. But let's give them time, after all Hubitat is an infant in the world of hubs and the staff are fantastic. For now, check every so often when your away for extended periods of time, your logs. No logs, probably system down.


As i get deeper in, and maybe more comfortable-confident, i’ll give that a try. Thanks.


Anyone you out the new Konnected update today?


The new update sounds good, even if ota updates are the only thing that really applies to me.

I'll install it when I have time to pull my 3 boards out and lug over to a computer.


Since it was just released, wondering if its been thoroughly test and ready for prime time. Was going to flash it but realized I don't have the male to male standard usb connector needed - off to Amazon lolo


Previous firmware releases have been pretty good in the past. But in the end you can always downgrade to an older firmware if you run into an issue.


Just updated Konnected to 2.3.0 went perfect. Didn't even lose wifi, just had to go back in the Konnected Hubitat app and reconnect but after that all sensors recognized by Hubitat again


Good! That is how it is supposed to go. Nice when it does!


Good afternoon HE community.
Appreciate all the replies to date on my Konnected ed system.
It's all hooked up on the breadboard with sensors and a strobe connected so i can start using the system in anger without tying to my real alarm panel yet.
It is there replacement board so i'm really wanting to get familiar with this 1st. Couple of questions if you someone could offer an opinion.

  • on the konnected IO website there are links to a setup used to control the system using action tiles. Does anyone know if this works with Hubitat?
  • what ways are hubitat - konnected owners using to arm, disarm and set different modes? I want to put something near my door and in my bedroom.
  • I tried creating a dash board to control the modes, arm and disarm but i couldn't find any selection for these options.

Appreciate all the replies to date any any future ones that users offer.


i flashed the new firmware yesterday- no issues. Powered back on and both boards picked up wifi and hubitat recolonized them without any further interaction. Mac