Konnected in Hubitat?

I saw mention via search of some options for integrating Konnected into Hubitat. I believe the Konnected hardware is effectively a branded Arduino board. Does anyone else here have a Konnected system and have you had any luck integrating it into Hubitat? Or a similar setup?

I called Nate and he said he's on board if a developer in the community (on the team or not) wanted to pitch in. Unfortunately, my code looks no better than the picture of a dog my 2 year old drew last night (at least, I think it was a dog... it was purple, and just scribbles). So while I can do some simple device handlers, something like this would be over my head.

With the dashboard released and presence handled by Life360, all that's left is for me to solve the "security" piece.

Thanks in advance!

You can simply use my HubDuino with the exact same "Konnected" hardware. The Konnected HW is just a NodeMCU ESP8266.

If you share what your current pin assignments are, I can help you write a sketch using my code. You'd be up and running in under an hour.


I’ll take you up on that offer. I have my Hubitat up and running and started to implement your HubDuino smart app. With the launch of the Hubitat dashboard, migrating Konnected is the last piece of the puzzle. Do you need the sensor type for each pin? FYI - I’m using 3 boards.

Yes, the pin assignments are done inside the Arduino sketch, as well as static IP address assignments, WiFi credentials, etc... While Konnected is more of an off-the-shelf solution, ST_Anything/HubDuino is a simpler, DIYer type of solution. It has more manual configuration up front, but far less too break later on.

If you can provide a list of device attached to each pin, referencing the "D0...D8" pin naming, I can whip up some sample sketches for you in no time at all.

Note: The ESP8266 Platform does support Arduino Over The Air (OTA) updates, so you will not have to hook up a USB cable each time you want to make a change, after the first flash.

One option for you to consider would be to buy a few extra NodeMCU ESP8266 boards (be sure to get the wider version assuming you're using base boards provided by Konnected as shown below.) You could have these up and running on your workbench, communicating to Hubitat, before making any changes to your existing alarm panel/ST integration.


Awesome. I PM’d you my pin assignments. Thanks for your help. I’ll share my success story once I get migrated to Hubitat using Hubduino.


I am also interested in getting konnected into Hubitat, how did it go for you. Have you got your system up and running?

Funny just found out about Habitat and also just bought and integrated Konnected into ST for my mom, want to replace ST with Habitat for her but want to make sure I can reuse the Konnected board and get it to work.

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Yes, I reused Konnected with Hubitat, the only issue is using Hubduino for Hubitat will not let you use the RX pin or I believe is the 6 out from the Konnected board, so you will have 5 contacts instead 6, I had to merge my family room window with the kitchen in the same zone so I will not have to install an aditional Konnected or NodeMcu for just one window.

I also converted my ST/Konnected setup to a Hubitat/Hubduino set up using the Konnected hardware (and unbelievable "tech support" from Dan). Works great. I was amazed at the speed of the status update in Hubatitat when I tested the response time to an open/close circuit for one of the contact sensors.

As mentioned, I skipped RX pin. I have 12 sensors so I'm running 3 boards without any issues. Dan provides a link above for a ESP8266 board and board manager for $10 shipped. It's work having extra boards as I once inadvertently fried one when I was installing power. Once you have the sketch set up and saved, loading it on to a new board is easy.

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Hi Guys,

I've just received my Konnected kit and would prefer to use my Hubitat over the ST. Mine is a simple setup as Im only using Konnected to power and control my 3 Bosch PIR's . Once the pins are assigned and Ive installed Hubduino, is it a matter of PM'n Dan for assistance or do we have a documented procedure that even the coding challenged can follow. :slight_smile:

Its pretty simple... just follow the HubDuino ReadMe instructions and get the ST_Anything_Multiples_ESP8266.ino sketch up and running. Afterwards, you can tweak the sketch for your specific use case. I am using a Bosch motion detector with one of my micro-controllers. It works very well. 12vdc to power the sensor, and the dry contacts connected to the NodeMCU.

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Excellent, thanks for that, will give it a shot

Nate from Konnected here. I have great news to share! I've ported over the Konnected apps and drivers from ST to Hubitat, and now Hubitat is officially supported for the Konnected alarm panel. All of the features from ST now work in Hubitat. Best of all, it's 100% local and very fast.

I'm working on an official announcement and also talking with the Hubitat team to see about getting this built-in to a future Hubitat release, but for now since you all are Hubitat pros, here are the open-source apps and drivers for you to load into your instance:

To install, add the apps and drivers to your Hubitat instance. Enable OAuth on the Konnected Service Manager app, then go to Load app and choose Konnected (Connect). The rest of the setup is the same as ST.


I've created a new topic for Konnected discussion here:

I'll endorse Nate's Konnected set up. I started with Konnected on Smartthings and was very impressed with the robust, easy-to-set-up design of Konnected. Plus, it was super stable and easy to configure/customize to my specific set-up which is primarily connected to window/door contact and motion sensors from a legacy home security panel. I had it running in my ST environment for almost a year and was super satisfied. Nate was awesome with his assistance when I accidentally fried one of the ESP8266 board.

I ultimately migrated to Hubitat for the same reasons most here have (local-based system). At that time Dan and his ST_Anything was the only option and I will say he has done an amazing job supporting the development both on ST and the migration to Hubitat. It's the same hardware (ESP8266) and functionality as Konnected and I have been able to 100% replicate my ST set up in Hubitat using the ST_Anything code. I am super impressed as it works perfectly.

I can't comment on the learning curve associated with ST_Anything as I had so many user-operator errors during the set up (like using an IP address from my Sonos as the IP address for the Hubitat :frowning:). Don't let the adjustments required to the code stop you from trying ST_Anything; if I can do it, most people who are Hubitat early-adopters should be able to manage.

I will be interested to see if the Hubitat team integrates Konnected into the official firmware. That could be a significant advantage in creating a seamless setup and integration. Hubitat development team - if you are "listening", this will be a huge advantage in your efforts to expand your market. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a Hubitat-based replacement to a legacy security system to my "tech-challenged" friends/family (i.e. father in-law) with a fully-integrated and supported Hubitat/Konnected setup.


I've sent the Hubitat team a device sample for review and certification. Fingers crossed!

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Nice :+1:

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