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Hi guys, I have interfaced my alarm with a Konneced Alarm Panel Pro. However, I'm wondering what other uses people have for Konnected which aren't alarm based. @djh_wolf has a lot of wisdom but I'm hungry for more ideas. Ps, I'm in the UK, so excuse our lack of home automation products. This little island struggles to get home automation moving like our US cousins ,:thinking:


Thanks =p

Bear in mind that you can add a relay to control virtually anything too. Ideas are limitless.

  • Smart central heating (dry contact for boiler, dht22 temp/humidity sensor, AC actuators for rads via relay)

  • Sirens and alarm boxes

  • Control panels with lights and push buttons

  • Contact sensors, 12v pirs

  • External AC Pir's via relays

  • hot tub controls

  • 12v control panels, fob access

  • Led lighting controls merged with wled (I have a button on the side of my computer shelf to toggle lighting)

  • garage door control via relay

Literally anything.


@djh_wolf - I read one of your other posts regarding this but wasn't sure what was involved (but it sounds like it I could find uses for it).

Am I right in thinking you get a board, flash it with Konnected software, that board is interfaced to a wired sensor or outputs to drive a relay, then can be connected as a device in HE with the board connected via WiFi?

Is there a step by step process/walk through anywhere with the parts/software needed? TIA


The konnected site has excellent step by step.

UK based? If you get stuck I'm happy to take a call.

In fact I'll pm you my number. I have a 45 min commute, and finish work 530pm if you fancy a chat.


Outstanding response. I saw your contactless keypad hack too. Clever

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I'll take a look at that - thanks.

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I have DMP alarm that has 4 outputs on it. Each output is program to reflect different states; Armed All, Armed Interior, Entry Delay, and triggered Alarm. Those outputs link to inputs on the Konnected panel which communicates to the Hubitat. The different states of the alarm will then trigger different rules I have programmed.

One example: if entry delay is triggered and it is between sundown and sunrise, some lights will turn on to 20%. Enough to see, but not bright enough if we're getting in late and the kids fell asleep.

I also wired a closet door and a pantry door to a zone. When those open, it turns on the light in the respective closet.

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The more I read about Konnected, the more I think Nate and the Hubitat gang should partner one another. Two standalone products which don't sell sensors but work perfectly in harmony

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@djh_wolf I'm trying to re-find your key fob hack but I can't locate it. Can you send the link please. I think I may consider this for my side gate

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I've been using Konnected from its beginning with three boards replacing what was my digital input/outputs on a legacy wired HA system. It worked great for that.

The first gen was very susceptible to lightning (added diodes, but that didn't help much) and I've gone through a couple dozen ESP8266s for various reasons. I've been in the process of phasing out Konnected, but still have one board for wired motion detectors.

If I was looking with relay functionality today, I would probably use ZEN16s instead.

Top stuff. I know these devices aren't particularly secure but realistically I'm looking to control my side gate so my Gardner and in laws can come and go. If a burglar wants to pull my RFID off the wall and link it out, then he'll take the easier option of climbing over the 1.7m gate. It serves a purpose and a great hack

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I have had these running for maybe 2 years.

No replacements.