Konnected devices unlinked from Dashboard

Hi all,
Weird thing happened, I did a safe reboot of the hub and all of my Konnected IO was 'unlinked' from my dashboards. I had to edit all the tiles and remap the device to the tile. After that all was fine again. Has this happened to anyone else and are there any resolutions?

Do you know if the device id numbers changed? I don't see why they would. But the JSON refers to the device id # so if that changes it would mess up the dash. Always good to have a backup of the JSON too.


Unfortunately I couldn't tell ya. I do not have a backup file to compare it too. I'm still building the setup from scratch and haven't finalized everything to the point of taking a snapshot backup yet. I'll try a couple controlled tests and see if it repeats.

Tried again this weekend and everything came up fine so for now I'm gonna chalk it up as an anomaly and just keep an eye out.