Konnected Alarm Relay Idea

Dear all, this is more of a tip rather than an ask for help. When I was researching Konnected, I found it hard to get my head around the products detail. I didn't find that the Konnected website covered every element of detail as much as a rooky would like. Also there isn't much going on on YouTube either. However, I think the product is unbelievably amazing and should be commended at the highest levels! I'm not criticising one bit, more advice than criticism! @nate

So I bought an Alarm Panel Pro Interface Kit and have interfaced with my existing alarm because we want to use the existing keypads. Eventually, I think we'll remove these keypads and go fully Konnected with touchscreens as necessary. Remove the interface and old alarm system

However, here's my tip. I like using my rule routines etc to Arm/Disarm my traditional alarm by using the key switch facilitity. However I've realised that if I enable an additional unused zone on my traditional alarm panel, this can be wired normally by replicating a window contact sensor. But through a relay triggered by the Alarm Panel Pro.

So, I can then retrospectiveoy add ZigBee contact sensors to any window/door etc which doesn't have a traditional alarm contact sensor.
Then using a basic HE rule of:

Trigger- ZigBee contact sensor open
Action - Open relay on Konnected
Result - Traditional Alarm activates

I appreciate this is easily acheived without relays if the Konnected Conversion kit is exclusively used. However, if using the Interface Kit, this is a way of enabling rules to activate the traditional alarm siren as well as the conventional Door/Window/PIR sensors.

Hope this reads ok and makes sense and helps folks with unanswered questions :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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