Known Ecosystems, Hubs, and Integrations that work with Hubitat (not ZigBee or Z-wave)

Being one that's always on the look out for new devices I thought we could have a discussion of Hubs, Ecosystems, and Integrations that work with Hubitat that are not ZigBee or Z-wave. Either local or cloud based it would be nice to have a list of what works. If you know others please comment and I'll try update the list.

  1. Alexa - cloud / native, community
    [BETA] Echo Speaks V4

  2. Google - cloud / native

  3. Switchbot - cloud / community
    SwitchBot gets an open API!

  4. Home Assistant - local / community (HAto HE)
    (Additional configuration/programming outside of Hubitat)
    [RELEASE] Home Assistant Device Bridge

  5. YoLink - cloud / community
    [RELEASED - BETA] - "YoLink™ Device Service" app and drivers to connect Hubitat™ to YoLink™ devices

  6. Kasa - local / community
    [RELEASE] TP-Link/Kasa Plug, Switch, and Bulb integration

  7. Lutron - local / native (with PRO2 hub) (RadioRA 2, RA2 Select and Homework has different capabilities)

  8. Phillips Hue - local / native (yes it's ZigBee but the Hue hub can be integrated into Hubitat which is useful for isolating ZigBee lights from your Hubitat mesh)

  9. Ecobee - cloud / community
    [RELEASE] Universal Ecobee Suite, Version 1.8.01

  10. Shelly - local / native, community
    Shelly Device Handlers for Hubitat

  11. Homebridge - local / community
    Homebridge Plug-in
    New Homebridge Plug-in via MakerAPI

  12. Insteon - local / community
    (additional configuration/programming outside of Hubitat)
    [AS-IS] Insteon web socket driver

  13. Ecowitt - local / community
    [RE-RELEASE] EcoWitt GW1000 Wi-Fi Gateway

  14. Surepet - cloud / community (pet doors)
    [RELEASE] Sure PetCare Pet Door Integration

*. NFC Tags - local, cloud /native
(Could someone do a nice clean thread on this for Android and iOS)

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Can’t forget the obvious:
7. Lutron - local / native (with PRO2 hub)

  1. Ecobee - cloud / community
    Ecobee Suite Manager

I believe the PRO2 Hub is specific to Caseta. There is additional capability with other Lutron systems.

I'm leaving it to the Lutron experts to fill in those blanks.

Nice list. I like the effort.

I would suggest also adding two other community integrations

This could get perhaps a bit complicated as there are also integrations with Home Assistant that are local and therefor by extension of the Home Assistant Device Bridge, they are local with Hubitat too.

Five examples

  • Switchbot ESP32 to MQTT - community /local
  • Insteon - native /local
  • Lutron Caséta (allows use of the non-Pro bridge) - native /local
  • Zigbee2MQTT (allows a massive library of Zigbee devices that are not directly compatible with Hubitat to be used locally with Hubitat) - community /local
  • Zigbee ZHA (not as extensive as Z2M, but still has a huge list of supported devices that are not compatible with Hubitat's Zigbee controller. Also a plug and play setup versus Z2M) - native /local

One correction and one cloud addition too




I may break off home assistant into its own sub catagories if there is enough interest and enough posted integrations. With a bit more thought I think I am going to leave Home Assistant with just the device bridge. My vision for this was for people to be able to buy off the shelf and start using relatively easily.

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It can get super complex when you're talking Home Assistant local integration to HE and Node-RED is uber complex in not only the number of integrations, but also it's setup :crazy_face:

The Hubitat to Home Assistant integration - community /local, also deserves to be on this list, since it can get around roadblocks by allowing Hubitat virtual switches to be shared with HA, thus allowing triggers from devices and integrations on HA that cannot be imported to HE.

It would be great if someone could do a write up for NFC tags. Something comprehensive and step by step for Android and iOS.I have one working but would have to read through multiple forum posts again to replicate it. NFC tools are what I used for Android and it was free I think. If I'm not mistaken Apple has the ability to create nfc tags natively.

Correct, Hubitat works with Lutron systems that have a Telnet-based integration feature.

That includes the Caseta Pro bridge (it’s not a hub if one wants to get technical), RadioRA 2, RA2 Select and (I think) Homeworks.

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I don't see this listed, but the Ecowitt WiFi gateway integrates locally with Hubitat. Through it, a large number of sensors can be brought into Hubitat, including:

  • Outdoor sensors
    Relative Humidity
    Solar radiation
    Soil moisture
    Leaf wetness
  • Indoor sensors
    Relative Humidity
    PM10, PM2.5

Details in this post:

I use their soil moisture sensors to determine whether or not to water.


Sure pet works well [RELEASE] Sure PetCare Pet Door Integration

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There are many listed on the Community Apps / Drivers Wiki, including LAN / Cloud -based devices or systems. For my own contribution, I have developed a driver for the SensorPush Gateway that allows for recording of temperature and humidity readings for their sensors to be stored in the cloud.


Wow never seen that before. That makes this thread entirely useless.

I wasn't going to phrase it exactly like that :slight_smile: It can, if nothing else, promote fresh discussion about what people use and may flush out some new ones to add to the wiki.