Kitchen Hue dimmer

Hi i'm in need of some help please.
I have a few hue dimmers working off hubitat just fine but i'm trying to fine tune them.
The problem i currently have is that i have button 1,2&3 to operate a separate light which is set to toggle on/off
Then the forth button is set to dim light 1 & 3 when there both on.
Now if i have pressed button 4 and dimmed the lights then come back later and want to turn up the lights in brightness i have to toggle to switch twice as pressing once turns off the light and the second press turns it back on.
Also when i have to toggle off then on the light increases in brightness before turning off which is annoying .
please see my rule below and any guidance would be great

Many Thanks Kev

First, you're setting Color temperature (and level) and toggling lights in the same action. Unless you're using one of the newer, experimental-ish drivers on specific bulbs and have the "prestaging" option enabled, setting color, color temperature, or level will turn the bulb on, so it's possible you may notice unexpected behavior with your "toggle" action, though I'm not sure everything will have time to be "processed" yet by the time your rule gets there, so you might not notice. (But the potential problem is that you'd be turning your bulbs on every time, then toggling, which would turn them off. Again, this may work in most cases since the on/off change may not made it back to the device yet, but it's risky.) And your lights are indeed increasing in brightness before turning off because that is exactly what the order of actions in your rule tells it to do.

One thing that could work around both of these problems plus the potential problem I mentioned would be to use the existing "Toggle Color Temperature" option, rather than separate color temperature and toggle actoins:


Also, while I know you didn't ask about this, I'm not sure what's going on with your button 4 pushed actions. What you have now will always do the same thing (dim to the current level minus 60--so 40% in many cases--over 3 seconds for kitchen, and turn off the dining room) unless the time is exactly sunset, in which case it will do nothing. Surely you meant something else for this...

Finally, keep in mind that the Hue Dimmer supports three types of button events for the middle two buttons: pushed, held, and released. You are only using pushed, so you might be able to make this more intuitive by leveraging those extra capabilities for the middle buttons that are already labeled for dimming. For example, a hold on button 2 or 3 could dim up/down by some percent. If your bulbs support it (check their device page for startLevelChange and stopLevelChange), you could even get a "dim while holding" effect by doing a "Start raising/lowering dimmers" on hold and a "stop raising/lowering dimmers" on release.

Thanks for the detailed reply,i understand some of it but not all. The reason why i have button 4 setup like this is because when everything is done in the kitchen and all 3 lights are on i can press button 4 and it will turn off the dining room light and dim down the kitchen,light strip to 40% which i like i just dont like the brightness change before turning a light of after its dimmed to 40%.

I wasn't aware that hold,hold and released was supported using this dimmer through Hubitat.

cheers Kev