"Kiosk" wall tablet for streaming music control

This is not really a Hubitat thing, I realize, but I've been searching and searching, and I thought this might be something folks here would know about.

I have seen lots of discussion about using a tablet on the wall in kiosk mode for accessing your HE dashboard. But I am wondering if it might also be possible to set up a kiosk [partly or entirely] for controlling internet-connected music streamer(s) that are connected to a whole home audio system.

The problem I'm trying to solve is kids and guests being able to select a station or song from Amazon Music, or Pandora, or iTunes for that matter. (Maybe even YouTube, but that could be another kettle of fish.) Plus I don't personally like having to keep my phone on me around the house. Is there a way to do this that limits users to just what I want them to see? (I don't want my kids using them to watch YouTube videos or surf the internet.)

Thank you!

I'm doing this by running Spotify on tablets and using its ability to select smart speakers, Chromecasts etc around the network to choose which devices are playing. I set up a custom html dashboard which runs in Kiosk mode and displays various Home Automatic panels driven by HE. I included a menu option called "media" which simply launches Spotify (or can display images, or play YouTube or Netflix) directly. This was a heck of a lot easier than building my own media player.


What did you use to get the 3D home map?

You can either get an architect to russle up the 3d model and images (it’s actually not that expensive using people in Fiverr or suchlike - there are some fabulous people able to do incredible work for a few bucks)…or…. use a 3d camera and real estate virtual tour modeling software (there are various free options, but the best one is probably Matterport).

I now prefer this latter approach because you can actually photograph your own interiors complete with furniture etc and could even do so with lights on/off, daytime, evening etc and then swap the images out dynamically in a custom dashboard depending on the device status, time of day etc.

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I know this is a bit old but I have several Lenovo E10 Android tablets for video and automation using Fully Kiosk. I would like to have your media selection able to play music from my NAS. Thoughts?

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