Kinetic button for Hubitat?

Does anyone know of a kinetic (battery-free and wire-free) button or switch that can pair directly with the HE hub?

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The only ones I can think of that match those criteria are Zigbee Green Power devices, like the Hue Tap or RunLessWire Click. Hubitat does not natively support Green Power devices. I'm not aware of anything on other supported protocols that would work, either (though if you have a smartphone that supports NFC and don't mind using it, would placing your phone near a tag work? you could use Maker API to get something to happen on recent Android or iOS devices, and the tag itself is power-less but of course requires the phone/tablet...).

That being said, depending on what your goal is (and how fast you need it to happen), you could use one of those on a Hue Bridge network, trigger a Hue device with them, and respond to the Hue device in a Hubitat automation (or just do the entire automation on Hue if that works for you--I do this with a Hue Tap in a couple rooms). But, of course, this is not direct to Hubitat. Anything else I can think of that might support these also isn't but could be integrated in some way: deCONZ, Home Assistant ZHA, or likely others. Just some ideas since the direct answer to your question is "no" as far as I can think of.

Doesn't sound like that will work for what I want then - at least not without hassle out of all proportion to the result. I am using SmartThings buttons stuck over my light switches, and they are set to control not only lights but heaters via smart plugs, for the room the button is in. They work great but I am beginning to begrudge them their batteries :smiley:

I love my smartthings buttons also. I only have 6 of them. It looks like I get maybe 8 months out the most of them for battery life. I use the device watchdog to report when they quit checking in with the hub. They seem to die at around 41% or 42% reported battery life. They will work at that level for weeks and then one day I’ll get a report that it hasn’t checked in for over 24 hours and its dead. The smartthings multi sensors work well until 28%. They all die before they ever update the battery percentage which is why I use the watchdog app.

I use a few of these with my driver without problems and the batteries seem to last forever. Not sure if this is close enough for what you want:

Note: Some people have problems with the Xiaomi zigbee devices.

Unfortunately I've tried Aqara devices previously and although I like them, they just don't seem to stay connected.

Replace the existing light switches for smart ones? Has the advantage of also retaining the light switch function.

Thought of it, but I am always scared the thing will go wrong at a really bad time when I don't have time to rewire it. And to be totally honest, while I can wire a wall socket, I can never work out what's happening in a switch, particularly two-way double ones :frowning:

For S&G, I've played around with a single ZGP device for a week or so under zigbee2mqtt. It was a Philips Hue Tap. Maybe it works well with the Hue bridge, but it was not very reliable under zigbee2mqtt, although supposedly being compatible with it.

So it went back to Amazon. This was quite a while back, and I have a better USB zigbee stick for zigbee2mqtt now. So things may have changed.

I do have a Hue Bridge that my lights are on, so I could actually use the Hue tap for rooms where I don't also need it to control other non-Hue devices, such as the stairways.

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Assuming the Tap is exposed to Hubitat via the Hue Bridge integration. I don't know if the native integration does, or if it is permitted from the Hue bridge side. Maybe CoCoHue does - tagging @bertabcd1234 for the answer.

No, the Hubitat polls the Hue at intervals. It wouldn't be suitable for catching button presses.

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