Kindle fire dashboards

Has anyone started having issues with displaying a video feed on there dashboards? Mine seem to have stopped working. Dashboards work fine on my mobile but not on my kindle either using fully kiosk or chrome

I assume you are referring to rtsp?

Not having issues here. Though for your fire have you looked at this? Works well on mine.

Its tiny cam feed as a background image or on a different page a image tile. Strang it works fine on mobile and laptop and did work on the fire, amazon must have changed something unless tiny cam is blocking it some how

I use Fully with SharpTools for my dashboards and they're all running on Fire HD10's (9th and 11th edition). Video from my Hikvision NVR cameras works fine on the Fire's (via MotionEye web server on Raspberry PI)

Thanks i just dont know why mine has started playing up

Could there be a chrome setting affecting this?

Well i factory reset it and set it up again and its working fine

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