Kick off a rule with Alexa

#21 could pick those up with Tasker I bet but if that's all they end up doing it won't give you very much to go with. They would have to expose them to routines as well. Have to wait and see.

It will be interesting to see if people get false notifications if they drop a glass or a dish. Glass break sensors are usually affixed to the window and detect it breaking by movement, not by sound.


Definitely a wait and see . I don't have smart smoke alarms so if they do expose the events to routines, then I can get to your switch and do whatever I want with it.


You don't need smart smoke detectors to get them into Hubitat... I use this, and it works perfectly - and required no changes to my 10 existing detectors...

Oh, and it has never false alarmed on me... And it works every time I test my detectors (6 month @ battery change).


Thanks for the tip. I have actually considered getting one, but then decided I'd wait and see if I can't leverage all these Echo devices I have to do something more than making fart noises on demand . :grin:


In case you haven't noticed yet, Echo is slowly rolling out the "Guard" functionality which is supposed to do just that... listen for smoke alarms etc. I have not tried it yet but saw it in my Alexa App.


I had issues with Alexa turning on/off everything in my house when once in a while it mis-heard "Hall Lights" as "all lights". As I'm used to using "all house lights" for this purpose anyway, I found that you can create a group called "all lights" and leave it empty. That empty group will then negate the default "all lights" behavior. For me it's like a no-op if Alexa hears "all lights" when I'm saying "hall lights"; alternatively, I assume you could put in the created "all lights" group all the devices that you want to respond to an "all" command, and leave out the ones you don't (I can't say for sure since I've only verified the no-op behavior with an empty group).


Or you could call them Hallway lights instead of "hall" lights.


Yep, I have a group defined as Hallway lights too. I like variety :slightly_smiling_face: