Keypad driver help - Develco Products

Hi CC. :slight_smile:

I finally got my hands on this Zigbee keypad device from DK based company Develco Products.

I have paired the device - and tried several different of the drivers (Centralite, Iris e.g.) but have no luck in getting the device to change HSM status or register any events in the logs. I obviously suspect the driver - but is there any way to get my hands on one of the HE drivers in order to try and make a driver myself? (some 30 years ago I used to be a programmer - so I hope to be able to 'crack' this one but don't want to start from scratch)

Regards Jan

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Change the driver to "device" and save. Click "Get Info" and paste what the logs show. I am not a developer, but someone else might recognize the information (clusters) from that log output.

The Hubitat drivers are not open source or available, but there are example drivers in the Hubitat Github.

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Thx. Neonturbo - I’ll go Ahmad and try to see what it brings.

This is what it gives me back:

After the 'Get Info' nothing really happens - but some lines before that... Not really sure what to do with it :scream: would need a hint to a direction :pray:

Br. Jan

@janzilverstone did you solve this?

No - unfortunately not. I don't have the skills to write a driver :frowning:

And sorry for the late reply ... Work took too much geek time :wink:

Develco products use a proprietary Zigbee application profile, the vast majority of these devices will not work with Hubitat.

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Not even with a custom driver?

This Develco keypad still looks very nice and seems solid build and support RFID tags. So it would be really nice to be able to use it with Hubitat.

@janzilverstone have you moved on or found a solution?

Best regards

No unfortunately not :frowning: no solution yet. I'd really like to have a driver for the device. But can't do it myself.

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