Keypad code trigger not working in RM

I have configured RM to trigger a garage door action based on a code entered on a Centralite keypad. The code appears to be getting captured in the logs, but the RM event trigger does not appear to recognize it. Anyone have an idea on why the event trigger is not recognizing the code?

2023-03-03 07:43:53.893 AM[trace][name:codeEntered, value:1111, data:0, isStateChange:true, displayed:false]

2023-03-03 07:43:53.888 AM[trace]createCodeEntryEvent entered keycode: 1111 armMode: 0

Do you have more than one lock? Is it possible that the wrong one was selected?

I have two keypads, but am confident the correct one is used in the rule. I should also note, the keypad is not include in HSM and is just a keypad, not a lock.

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Are there other actions that could be used as triggers? How does it register that the code was entered, with the last number of a press of a certain key? (Ex.: Enter)

I would try a couple of other triggers from the device to see if one of them might work. If not, might it work from the other keypad?

I've triggered it successfully using another device (i.e. a button).....but using a keypad is a hard requirement for me :-).

Once the code is entered, the logs show it in the (trace) messaging, so I had assumed it would be/could be recognized in the RM rule??

I have a couple other keypads (same type), so my try them as well to see if I get any better results.

Finally got it working. Used a Event Trigger using a Security Keypad and then used the armed/disarmed events to open and close the door. :slight_smile:

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