Keep overview over all RM rules (and the ideas behind)

RM is mighty and maps complex logics, The individual rules are to some extent easy to read and "self documenting".

My problem was to keep the overview over all rules and to match the conceptional information to the rules (explanations, tables, pics...). I didn't want to use a complex additional system (node red etc.). The json export is helpful for other purposes, but not for this.

After some trials, I now use the Firefox add-on "save page WE" to store the complete main page of the rules in one html file (without sub files). These files are quick to open in several browser tabs. The rule texts over all these HTML files are searchable (e.g. directory search with notepad++).

I link the HTML files in head docs covering the complete logical field behind several rules. These docs contain the additional conceptional information etc.

Maybe someone has similar requirements and will find this way helpful.