Keep light on when bluetooth connects to device

I have looked on IFTT and hubitat. How do I keep lights on (basement) when connected to a Bluetooth device (phone when sauna connects)?

Tasker or sharptools should do this for you/

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You could cobble something together on iOS with the shortcuts app.

Thanks, just checked out, but can't see how to make it work, can anyone step me though it? My sauna connects as device ym-80, I want the basement lights to stay on when bluetooth is connected. Currently my lights have motion sensors, and turn off after 5 minutes, when I'm in sauna, can't detect motion. I know I could use dashboard, but im lazy. Thanks in advance.

How about voice commands? Do you have an alexa or google home? You could just set a virtual switch to turn on by voice command "Alexa Turn on the sauna" and as long as that switch is on, then the lights by rule can stay on.

Have android, but thanks!

I do have alexa, and when I get a 15 amp switch to connect sauna, I will do that, but sauna is in basement, and alexa upstairs. Anyone know a good seitch 15 amp that works with hubitat, zwave or zigbee. Thanks for suggestions. Appreciate it.

Then you don't need anything else for your lights. Create a virtual on/off switch and use the voice command to turn that switch on with alexa. Then you can set up your rule that when the virtual switch is on the light will not turn off. When you get the switch for the sauna, you can add that in also.

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And if you’re worried about forgetting virtual switch set it to go off after an hour. I do this with my pi-hole ad blocking.

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Could you just put a contact sensor on the door of the sauna and use it to trigger a rule to keep the lights on?
I use a similar logic to keeps my lights on when the shower is being used.

Good idea on a contact sensor, with motion keep basement lights on for 1 hour.

I like it. Thanks!