Keen Smart Vents


Yea, the Keen site says that the sensor in the vent itself "guesses" at what the room temp will be.

Also, I don't have motion sensors in rooms -- well, per se. The master bedroom has an ecobee sensor, but the other bedrooms only have an echo dot, nothing smart for temps. So, based on that, should I pick up some Keen temp sensors?

And, can the KL app pull in, say the temp from the ecobee thermostat to use with the Keen vents to help control the vents in that room (dining room)?


I wouldn't since I have no idea if they will work with Hubitat or not.

probably, but in my experience events from cloud thermostats are too slow to be of value, someone using KL will have to speak up on what temperature sensors they are using and how well they work with the app.


Using the ecobee room sensors for temp appear to update the temp every 5 minutes. I use these to adjust my ceiling fan speeds automatically.


That's cool.

(what hardware are you controlling your fans with?)


If the temperature sensor is available to hubitat then KL can use it


The Hampton Bay Fan Controller


I'm using Fibaro Door/Window temp sensors to control the Keen Vents, and yes, I have one room where I have both Ecobee and Fibaro sensors (because I tell Ecobee to use bedroom temp for control at night).

After having unsatisfactory experience with Ecobee's connectivity, I no longer use Ecobee or Keen sensors to control the vents, because both companies servers are frequently unavailable. I have awakened in the night too many times to debug vents that weren't working, caused by Ecobee/Keen server outages.

I have Ecobee support in Hubitat only for display, and do not connect it to the Keen vent control in any way. I still see one to three failure-to-connect Ecobee messages in the Hubitat log every day, and there are no Ecobee community comparison reports available to me for June or April, due to server-caused missing data.

I use KeenectLight to control the vents, and with a minor tweak it works fine without anything defined as a master thermostat.