Kasa switches not working with modes

I've been experimenting with the mode lighting app. So far I have a couple Lutron Casada dimmers and a couple Kasa dimmers on it. The Lutron dimmers work pretty good but the Kasa dimmers don't work at all. I'm thinking I should try a basic rule to have the lights dim from midnight to 6 AM.

First, go to the device's page. Try the the following command sequence, observing the attributes (states) as well as the light itself:

  • On,
  • Set Level 50,
  • Set Level 100,
  • Off,
  • Set Level 50 (device should turn on at 50%)

If these work, then it is not the device itself but something on using the rule. (Note the log data provided has uncovered an potential when saving preferences; however, that error does not affect the functionality for mode lighting.)


After turning off and setting level at 50 it went to 90. After turning on it went to 54.

the gradual on or off functions will do that (the system will eventually get to the final called level based on the transition period.

I just hold the switch to dim to 25 percent and double tap to bring it to 100. Much better than getting blinded at 2AM.