Just venting! *^@!(#^ Netgear settings page!

I don't know why netgear made it so difficult to get to the router settings page. I'v been going around in circles trying to get to it. I keep ending up at the dumb "Learn how to configure your router by choosing a path below.".

It should be straightforward type the IP address and get there! Makes me feel like a networking newbie.
I'm done, I'm gonna go get lunch :smiley:

Go get Unifi.


EdgeRouter/Unifi AP guy here, but not sure that Unifi is known for their UI simplicity/ease of use...


Watchguard t15 or t35

No, but it definitely won't make you feel like a newbie!

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He's coming back empty stomach and full network gears now. Lunch is also important sometime I think.


LOL we actually have the Unifi stuff all over. I was going to use this older one as a temporary AP in one location until the replacement arrives but my quick fix is taking more work than it's worth.

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Man, I know that song. "I'll just do this simple thing for now..."

[Three hours later]



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I honestly don't know/remember how I managed to configure this netgear router before it got shelved!

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Get an ASUS that support Merlin

I just upgraded my old AC56U to the AX68U recently. Works great for home use, love the UI.

You can just go to your web browser and type in the IP address. The most common default IP addresses for Netgear Routers are:

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Did you get what you want? If still needing help write me, I use a Netgear Orbi and perhaps I may lend a hand.

Sounds like your browser is loading a cached page.

I go in the basement to do something and notice several other things that should be done. I will do those things and go back upstairs and forget why I went to the basement

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@eibyer - or just type browse to routerlogin.net will also load the settings homepage