Just stopped

I purchased the newest C7 6 months ago. Today it just stopped working. No light, no signal, no nothing. Yes my router is fine, the outlet the device is plugged in is fine. I count on this device to work and count on the automation for both convenience and security. This is the first of the automation hubs from various companies I've owned that's failed.

You should contact support.

I should point out that microUSB connectors can be fragile, so it is recommended to not frequently connect/disconnect that connector. This may be the underlying issue you’ve encountered.

A second recommendation is to keep the hub on a UPS to minimize the odds of database corruption. Although, database corruption wouldn’t result in a dead hub.


Have you tried a different usb power supply and micro-usb cord?


Yes on both accounts. Not a power supply or USB cord issue.

If it’s dead and you’ve ruled all that out, I agree with @aaiyar, contact support to discuss RMA. They are good about honoring the hub warranty.


How long is the warranty for? They're telling me my device is out of warranty, haven't had it that long. I'd love to know the failure rate on this hub before proceeding.

Standard 90-day warranty (as with most electronics).

I'd love to know the failure rate on this hub before proceeding.

All three hubs that I purchased (two in 2019, one in 2020) are still working fine. I have two of them on UPS, and mounted. I haven't touched the microUSB connector on them more than 2-3 times in the time that I have owned them. I sold the third a few months ago, but I know it is also working ok.

I bought a fourth hub for someone else in 2019. He decided to put it on a 0.5A USB port rather than use the 1A power-supply it comes with. That hub died about 6 months ago. And I purchased a replacement C-7 with instructions to treat it as I've been treating mine.

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I’m not sure how anyone could obtain that info.

My experience has been similar to @aaiyar’s, since 2018 I have used three hubs, none failed prematurely.

I noticed you joined the Hubitat community over a year ago, but you mentioned this hub is only six months old. Do you have an older hub that’s still working?


I have an older hub but decided today to buy another ( newest version). Hopefully this will not be a repetitive issue. While the company did offer a somewhat discounted purchase on this new hub I remain disappointed with its limited lifespan. For those who pointed out that 90 days is the norm on electronics, that is not a global truth. Most of what I own has a limited warranty of around a year. Someone suggested that I take the back up and protection offered by Hubitat but when I do the math there really is very little utility in doing this, at least from my perspective. I've ordered another hub because when it works it is great. I'll assume for now that my particular hub was a rare lemon and the odds of another failure are remote. Hoping that this company proves me right.

Some Visa and Mastercards extend the warranty. Assuming you paid with a credit card check with your issuer to see if yours includes that feature. Saved me several years ago when my compressor died shortly after the 1 year warranty as the credit card extended it to two.

Found this article that describes this feature.