Just Signed Up For AT&T Internet Air

Maybe they'll offer you a 'deal' at some point.

Generally speaking, don't they "all" do that?

I'm thinking stuff like car/home insurance too. I'm too lazy to shop around. They know that.

How about ZM/Sirius? I manage to remember to call them up at cancellation time and get a deal. And you can't do it by keyboard: you HAVE to talk someone. Deal time, lol.

I'm paying $88/month for (cable) Spectrum-internet only. The friend who told me about the ATT thing said Spectrum offered him a deal when he cancelled. He told them, too late.

With ATT Internet Air, even though I have Spectrum, I thought I'd give this a whirl, if only to save $30 bucks a month, if it's good enough for my needs. Of course, if it works out, in 2 years will the pricing be the same.

It's good to have alternatives. These outfits don't require contracts. Do you have an alternative to Starlink at that place, other than DSL?

I do recall Spectrum's introductory pricing being considerably less than 88/mo. too.

You can save money if you're constantly looking at what you pay, coupons, deals, etc, etc. I'm too lazy, basically.

Sorry for rambling. It's early.

I have to start playing with my orb now!

looks like some kind of Dinosaur egg. Is that AT&T's thing? or something else?

Most internet providers might, but with Space X being part of Musk, Inc. I doubt they will. costs a ton of money to build and launch all of those rockets and satellites.

Aside from the cost of the equipment, this was one of the other concerns I had with switching. I guess any provider could just randomly raise prices at any time. but their model seems to be set up to make their pricing more flexible (for them).


Dang. And I thought T-Mobile's were ugly and obtrusive. I'd lose TONS of WAF points with that!

Turns out it's just as happy behind the recliner, where the cable equipment was, as in front of a window, either upstairs or downstairs. So, no holes have to be drilled in floors; looks like, anyway.

Last speed test was 136 down and 20 up.
I think I can live with that.
No WAF in play here, but it's pretty darn unobtrusive behind the chair, lol.

Also, speaking of obtrusive, it apparently has a cooling fan, because it runs for a time after the unit is plugged in. Could be obtrusive in a bedroom, if it actually came on.

With the 30 bucks I save monthly, I can buy another LR Z-wave device. Or go out to eat.

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Please, let's keep things PG here. :scream: :wink:

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Does it have power over WIFI? Lol

No ... all verizon att and tmobile are not offering there home internet plans in my area. Its that rural. Even though there are 4g and 5g cell towers and phone plans. Id have to use a hotspot with double nat or dsl.

My Envisalink 2d is not recognized by the router. No blinking lights by the ethernet plugs. Have no idea why. Have email in to Envusalink support. Others have reported similar problem with the t-mobile flavor of 5g home internet.

@kahn-hubitat @velvetfoot Expect price increases from AT&T. AT&T installed a fiber connection in my house several years ago for a monthly fee ($30) that “would not change” as spoken by their representative when I called to order the service. Well, there have been 2 $5 per month increases in the last 2 years.

I was able to get the Envisalink ethernet connection working by plugging an old router into the orb. There must be some setting on the orb that's not allowing the connection. Darned if I know.

Im looking at trying the tmobile not internet (not avail) but internet lite hotspot acct 50 per month for 100gb to replace starlink. Att doesnt have anything similar. Ill leave starlink for now over the summer when we are using the cottage and get reamed the 120 per month. Then switch when we leave in the fall and the place is empty.

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My AT&T fiber price has gone up $5 since I started using it about 4 years ago. Not including my first year promo at $50 a month, it was at $70 for the longest time. Last year it went up to $75 and it has been there since. Not bad honestly, considering its duplex gigabit fiber, rarely has any outages, and is unlimited usage (no data caps).

I have seen a couple other mentioned price increases, but since I use autopay and paperless billing, they have not changed my price. I think the last one that is in process currently won't impact me as well.

Considering I use my home internet everyday, even with traveling on VPN, and selfhosting services for myself/family, I'm very happy with the service! Don't know if I could move somewhere else without a fiber connection anymore, at least for my primary residence. Even if it wasn't full gigabit, just the low latency and quality uptime make it hard to go without.

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It says $55 when I looked up AIR in our ATT wireless account. Hmm

Edit: found the deal details

Hey Laurence, Thank you for your service !! :us:

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