Just ordered Hubitat - Wink 2 for sale

Obviously, no one here is going to want the Wink 2, but I am really looking forward to getting the Hubitat setup. The Wink 2 has been very reliable, but the device support and automation rules are just way too limited.

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Welcome to Hubitat. You'll love the community and the support. You'll also love the spunky responsiveness of the hub. Please be sure to check back in on your progress. Also there are some great people here to answer questions. You won't be disappointed.

Took me less than 30 minutes to migrate my handful of devices from Wink 2 to Hubitat. Getting the Cree bulb to reset was the most challenging part. A few minutes of exploring and had all of my basic automations migrated within no time. While not as "point and click" as the Wink, the Hubitat platform is fairly straightforward to setup, especially when you consider the amazing levels of flexibility it provides compared to Wink. I have found it MUCH easier to configure settings from a web browser interface than a smartphone app and really appreciate being able to type actual dimmer values rather than trying to use in inaccurate slider like in the Wink app. Initial impressions of the Hubitat have been very positive.