Just need a battery powered thermostat

My builder ran two wires to my thermostat that controls the in-floor hydronic heating. So there’s no “c” wire.

I want a thermostat that runs off a battery and connects via z-wave or zigbee. The GoControl one recommended often here apparently has terrible battery life for some people, so I’m wondering if there’s another option.

I don’t need a programmable thermostat but I’m willing to pay for one if it has better battery life.

Go control has good battery life but you want it near a repeater. That said, if you're willing you could probably run the c-wire yourself or even full set. Simply pull new wire through with your old wire. That said, if you look at the wire casing are there extra wires there that were simply cut off? I'll also not most can run on batteries or c-wire. The CT101 isn't being made anymore, you can look at the Honeywell T6 z-wave

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