Just bought my HE ! webcore question


My hub is in the mail. I only installed webcore on my ST to just get a feel for it. I can see how powerful it would be to. but i have a couple questions

does webcore run local on the HE?

finally do i need webcore? everything i have is basic right now but i want to start doing some really cool stuff. and fix stuff that annoys us. i just made a washer alert that works but i need to set some timers on it so it dont annoy us also witch in ST i need webcore to do i just havn't dont it cause i knew i was going to buy HE lol

for example in ST right i have the living room set to turn on at night if you walk in so you can see, and then turn off after 5 minutes, but if im up late and in the couch it keeps turning off the light on me.

is there a break down of rule machine vs wc? im going to have learning curve on the new HUB may as well try to make ONE learning curve


WebCoRE is purely community supported. Rule Machine is Hubitat and community supported. There are many more users of RM than WC. RM also has the ability to export and share rules now (much like WC pistons).

That's your call. There are a number of built-in apps (Simple Automation, Mode and Motion Lighting, Groups and Scenes, Notifications, etc. etc.) provided by Hubitat that are likely to meet most of your needs.


can rule machine put my house into a "party mode" where example, lights on, doors unlocked (but master door is locked) and things like that? I could never figure it out on ST and found web core and while looking at that found HE witch lead to a 2 week rabbit whole of HA LOL


But, seriously, you're still having parties in our covid-world?!!


no but plan to start again if this crap ever goes away lol


Bulbs, dimmers, and switches could be a scene you create. That way all the selected bulbs and switches are set a particular way every time. The scene itself has a virtual switch that you can then just turn on and off with some type of rule, even a Simple Automation rule would do this, but if you want to include locks Rule Machine could pretty easily do everything.

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I came from ST, where I relied on webcore almost exclusively. On HE, I use both RM and webcore. RM is powerful but for me there's been a pretty steep learning curve. I will generally try to do something with RM first, and if I can't figure it out I'll switch to webcore. As my comfort with RM increases, I go back and migrate automations from webcore to RM.

Webcore pistons do run locally. The webcore IDE, though, is still in the cloud... so to edit your pistons you do need an internet connection. It is possible to bring up an instance of the webcore IDE on a local device if you feel it's necessary, but I don't think many people do this.


I have just come from ST and have converted 60 pistins over to HE with little issue.
I'm and old programmer so I refer an edit space over drop down stuff like RM. WebCore is so much more powerfull and flexible when coding.
My plan is to migrate the simple pistons to RM when all my move is stabilized.
That way the native speed will enhance some basic operations and the porcessor load of WebCore will be reduced.

I loved me some WebCoRE with Smart Things and dabbled early here but the WC integration was not mature enough at the time (it definitely is now!). Same reasons too the ui and coding structure just made sense. I have since moved on to Node-RED which is a completely different paradigm (visual flow design) and external to HE unlike WC pistons which run on the hub.

If you want to stick with the "HE" way of doing things then that would be a judicious use of the various RM apps - the lighter weight ones for most of the basic control stuff and RM for the more complex. The optimal HE approach of course is writing your own rules as custom apps.

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Webcore all the way for me.

The odd simple automation is handled by motion lighting / etc. The rest in webcore.

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i found on ST the couple even simple things i put into webcore was fasters and more reliable!!

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This was my experience as well ... but it was a while ago. Also ran my own WebCoRE server so I wasn't beholden to anyone else.

thanks all i just got my HE in the mail I guess ill move all my stuff over in a few hours, casue of the way my house is shaped it just seems easier that way lol

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almost everything moved over i keep finding stuff LOL

stupid schlade lock going ot have to wait i have to take them to get the installer code i think :frowning:

I use webCoRE for all automations. Pistons from the most simple to the very complex. I find it easier to have everything together because I know the interface and I make use of variables to share pertinent information between pistons. I came from SmartThings and was never keen on using their pre-canned automations, the same goes for Hubitat. I'm not knocking anyone for using them as long it gets you there and you don't want more. In my case I know the interface and don't waste time running into the barriers you can find in the pre-canned apps. Rule Machine is just as capable as webCoRE and if you can deal with it's interface then maybe that's the better option. But RM isn't for me.

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im trying to teach myself RM i did a little in WC and i see what you mean.

currently trying to figure out how do simple rules in one rule? for example i have door contact that turns on the light for a room I also want it to turn off the light when door is closed. I can do it in 2 rules easy but i there ahs to be a way to do it in one rule

so far i have gotten the light to blink and randomly turn off after do it closed lol the RM if statment seems to be in the wrong spot.

i also use to using a "or if" but none of this stuff does that lol

This rule turns on my kitchen cupboard light when door opens and off when it closes.
The 'wait for event' is if the door is not closed properly then the light will turn off after 20 minutes.

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ahh that did it, that you