JSON file not found

Getting this message each time I open my dashboard (C7 latest platform).


Are you using the Simple CSS editor?

I'm not using any editor. This Is a relatively new c7 and just working with this dashboard though the dashboard was likely started a few months ago. Dashboard loads fine, but gives that warning message each time it loads.

That is odd then... Because that is an exact warning message that my Simple CSS Editor displays.... When the dashboard opens typically.

And is it possible to clear that message? I won't swear that i have never used the editor you referred to. This c7 has been mostly idle for at least a year. I'm now finally, painfully, moving from my long time workhorse c4 hub. If the message comes up it really isn't a big deal. I usually keep 4 windows open with dashboards.

The easiest thing to do is remove the tile that references the editor. You only need the editor tile on the dashboard when you are editing the CSS, otherwise it can be removed at other times.

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I'll give it a go tomorrow, thanks.

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That did it - thanks so much for your time. Old brain slips a cog now and then. :frowning_face:

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Couple week ago I was trying to use yours editor but it failed to write files.
(The related thread was created.)
Did you have a chance to figure out why?

I am actually.... (ok I hit a dead-end a few weeks ago and needed prodding to take another look.... )

I think the problem for you and @2ac16mo will be the inclusion of port 8080 in some of the URL's I construct. Not sure why this changed, but not too bothered to be honest, happy to adjust the code. So I think that will solve the problem found on this thread and partially solve yours.

If I take these port 8080 references out, I still seem to get directed on to a login page, so can only assume this also didn't like the 8080 reference. The potential for needing to manage security on writing doesn't tally with what @thebearmay was describing on the other thread, but hopefully it will be a simple update to make this work. I'll make sure I tag you and @2ac16mo on the fix I post on the main editor thread (hopefully in the next 3-4 hours).

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