JioBit anyone?

Hi all, day 1 with my HE (technically I just clicked Order) so I'm absorbing as much as possible. I've had a Vera for years, and a significant ZWave investment, so I'm no stranger to automation.

I notice the HE app and Life 360 can both provide presence information, however a search for Jiobit ( Jiobit: More than a GPS Tracker for Kids) returns nothing...

I have a child who is not yet old enough for a phone, but who has a Jiobit attached 24x7 (ok, maybe not 24x7, but def when away from home at school etc...) and I was wondering if anyone has done any interfacing with the Jiobit?

Thanks in advance.

I'd have to guess that there's no published API and thus it's a struggle to reverse engineer for the dozen people that have one. Which includes me.. I don't have one to understand the challenge around reverse engineering..